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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of June 8, 1972 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The House opposes a $21.3 billion education bill containing the strongest anti-busing provision ever approved by Congress. Its busing provision would halt for 18 months any school desegregation ordered by the federal courts until all appeals have been exhausted. 

 Flooding in South Dakota takes a death toll of 208 so far. Count could go up. Many are still missing.

The White House announces that Henry A. Kissinger will meet with Chinese leaders in Peking next week for talks on world issues and some say, Vietnam.

A bomb explodes in the baggage compartment of a Los Angeles-to-New York airborne jetliner carrying 67 persons, tearing a huge hole in the passenger floor of the craft and damaging the landing equipment. The plane landed safely in Detroit 15 minutes later. Later, it’s revealed a malfunctioning cargo hatch door was the apparent cause of the mishap. 

Desegregation of schools in Detroit and 53 suburbs are ordered by U.S. Dist. Judge Stephen B. Roth in a decision involving a 300-square-mile area with 750,000 school children.

The Supreme Court riles that no person may be sentenced to jail, even for a day, unless he has a lawyer at his trial or has waived that right.


Medical news – First Testicle Transplant – June 8, 1972

Beirut – The world’s first testicle transplant operation is carried out. The testicles of a six-month fetus were planted in a 28-year-old Lebanese man who had been unable to become fully sexually active. The operation took an hour.


Sports news – June 8, 1972

Hank Aaron slams the first pitch thrown to him in the 10th inning for his 650th career home run to give the Atlanta Braces a 6-5 victory over the New York Mets. 

Montreal - Gordie Howe is elected to the Hall of Fame and the New York Islanders obtain veteran goalie Denis DeJordy at the annual National Hockey League meetings.

Joe Pepitone, who retired from baseball in May, probably won’t. He’s taking batting practice with the Chicago Cubs.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – June 8, 1972

“Grease” the rock ‘n’ roll musical celebration of the 1950’s has moved from off-Broadway to the Broadhurst Theater on Broadway. The show is set as a flashback to the class of 1959 at Rydell high. The songs are by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. “Grease” began in Chicago last year.

Mike Nichols and Elaine Mays are teaming again. They’ll appear in a benefit concert at Madison Square Garden (for George McGovern).  


Playing in Las Vegas –

Trini Lopez/Jack E. Leonard – Desert Inn

Lettermen – Flamingo

Robert Goulet – Frontier

Bill Cosby/Diahann Carroll – Hilton

Florence Henderson – Landmark

Englebert Humperdinck – Riviera

Johnny Carson – Sahara

Joey Bishop - Sands


Music news – June 8, 1972

News conference before concert - Elvis Presley says his actions on stage in the infancy of rock were tame compared to what some performers are doing now. “Man, I was tame compared to what they do now. I didn’t do anything but jiggle.” Asked by a reporter to jiggle a little, Elvis replied – “I can’t do it sitting down. Anyway, I’m saving it for the show.” Elvis will be performing at Madison Square Garden. It’s the first time he’s ever appeared in New York.  

Cynthia Lennon claims that John hasn’t exercised his visitation rights. They have a 9-yer-old son named Julian. “John hasn’t seen Julian since he went to America,” Cynthia said recently in London. It’s a rather long time (eight months). But he seems to be occupied with Yoko’s daughter now.” 

Paul McCartney sings a lucrative seven-year songwriting deal with Associated Television- ATV. The deal is between its subsidiary, Northern Songs and McCartney’s own music publishing company, McCartney Music, for all the songs he and hiw wife, Linda write until 1979.


Television news – June 8, 1972

The ubiquitious Pamelyn Ferdin guest stars on this week’s “Odd Couple.”


Monday night television listings/programs/TV guide – June 8, 1972

CBS – Gunsmoke, Here’s Lucy, Doris Day, Sonny and Cher, late movie

NBC – NBA Baskeball, Tonight Show

ABC – Monday Night Special, Movie, Dick Cavett

PBS – Special of the Week


ABC Monday Night Special – “Hollywood: The Dream Factory.” Dick Cavett narrates this journey to Hollywood’s past focusing on 50 years of film making at MGM.

PBS Special of the Week- “Peter Grimes.” An NET Opera Theater production of Benjamin Britten’s modern opera classic of a fisherman doomed by pride and ambition.

Sonny and Cher – George Burns and David Clayton Thomas guest.

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