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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of May 1, 1972 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts





In The News

President Nixon says the North Vietnamese “Are taking a very great risk” if they continue their drive and serves renewed notice that U.S air and naval bombardment of military targets “throughout North Vietnam” would continue as long as Communist regulars persist in their assault on South Vietnam.

South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu fires his defeated northern commander and places the defenses of Hue in the hands Lt Gen Ngo Quang Truong, regarded as the best and most honest general in the South Vietnamese army.

More South Vietnam as Quang Tri falls – giving the Reds their first major victory in the war.

An unopened safe from the back room of Jack Ruby’s Dallas nightclub is stolen in Athens, TX before it was to be sold at an auction.

Under oath at a congressional hearing, columnist Jack Anderson charged that J. Edgar Hoover prepared secret memos on the love lives of public figures for the bedtime reading of former President Johnson. “FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover has demonstrated an intense interest in who is sleeping with whom in Washington.”


 Later on this week -

Dies - J. Edgar Hoover, 77. Hoover would have celebrated his 48th anniversary as head of the FBI next week. His housekeeper found his body beside his bed. Doctors say a heart attack may have been the cause of death. Hoover, served under 8 presidents. President Nixon praised Hoover as a truly remarkable man and one of my closest personal friends and advisors.

Hubert Humphrey defeats George Wallace in the Indiana primary.

Gangs of teen Protestants calling themselves “tartans” have become a new force on the streets of Northern Ireland. But their elders in the militant Ulster Vanguard Movement are telling them to cool it. Last weekend, Tartans turned out by the hundreds to challenge police and British troops in rampages through he Roman Catholic Short Strand district of East Belfast. They shattered windows, wrecked pubs, and homes and started fights with Catholics. 

President Nixon’s personal physician discloses the White House is preparing a formal proposal to Peking to allow a group of American doctors to go to China for first-hand training in acupuncture, at least for anesthetic use.

A 14-inch high-pressure steam pipe explodes in a wall on the 36th floor of a Wall St. skyscraper scalding to death even office workers, including 4 women. The victims were trapped in the spewing steam while working in three partitioned offices next to the wall The force of the blast ripped out the wall, shattered windows, toppled filing cabinets and knocked loose parts of the ceiling soundproofing.

A gunman who said he was a member of the anti-imperialistic movement” hijacked a Los Angeles-bound Western airlines jet over Utah and after a refueling stop at LA, forced the pilot to take off to Cuba. 64 passengers departed from the plane at that point.

The White House announces agreements with Japan and seven European countries aimed at curbing further import inroads into the American steel market. It will help U.S. workers but it ultimately mean higher prices.


Fascinating Facts – Skyjacker/National Enquirer/Hair Length – May 1, 1972

Eight airplanes and 180 searchers are sent by Honduran authorities across western Honduras to look for a skyjacker who extorted $303,000 from Eastern air Lines and then parachuted from an Eastern 727 jet before dawn. The hijacker, who began it all in Pennsylvania, becomes the second man still sought for a parachute-ransom hijacking in 10 attempts since last November 12.

Tabloid – the National Enquirer is going strong. Its circulation is 2.6 million – only TV Guide sells more on the newsstands. About 60 tightly edited stories are packed into each 32-page edition. The tabloid is 15 years old. 

Hair Length News Update - A judge in Oklahoma City rules that hair-length rules directed at “hippie-types” do not apply to Indian students exhibiting pride in their culture. The case pertains to three Pawnee, Oklahoma Indian students who were expelled because of their hair length.


Sports news – May 1, 1972

WHA - the president of the World Hockey Assn. vows the new league will have 12 teams when it gets underway next fall, even though two teams were canceled for failure to post performance bonds of $100 thousand. Ten teams who have posted those bonds are in Los Angeles, Chicago, Edmonton, Houston, Minnesota, New England, Ottawa, New York, Quebec and Winnipeg.

Oakland A’s pitcher Vida Blue ends a long holdout and signs a new contract for $63,000 a whopping raise. Blue, who received $14,750 last year as he won the American League’s Most Valuable Player and Cy Young awards in his first full season with the A’s is happy. The 22-year-old originally asked for $115,000.


Radio news – May 1, 1972

On the air this week – the Mutual Black Network – a news service aimed at black communities across the U.S. It’s a subsidiary of the Mutual Broadcasting System.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – May 1, 1972

 Found dead – actress Gia Scala (36) is found dead in her home in the Hollywood Hills. Film credits include – “All That Heaven Allows,” “Never Say Goodbye,” Price of Fear,” Big Boodle,” “Don’t Go Near The Water,’ Battle of the Coral Sea” and “The Guns of Navarone.” She was once described as a woman who “looks a little like Ingrid Bergman, a little like Grace Kelly, like Nancy Olson around the eyes and like four or five of those sexy Italian actresses below the neck. She died of an apparent drug overdose. Last July, she was seriously injured when her sports car overturned on a winding road in the Hollywood Hills. 

Passing – Actor Bruce Cabot (68). Appeared in more than 300 pictures.  


 Music news – May 1, 1972

David Cassidy gets on the cover of Rolling Stone, and candidly reveals some things about business and other matters. But 16 magazine is saying David is a has been and Donny Osmond is the new idol.

Liz Taylor ducks under a table while her escort, Aristotle Onassis, throws champagne at photographers when the couple were discovered dining out until dawn in one of Rome’s most fashionable restaurants.

Stevie Wonder getting more progressive? “I don’t think my new album is any big change. It is more of a progression. You have to move forward, you have to reach into new areas I think music goes through a natural evolution. You try to find new ways to express feelings.

Disney wins a suit enjoining five Chicago companies from selling posters and T-shirts, which allegedly tainted the image of several Disney Characters. The suit claimed that the posters and T-shirts showed the cartoon characters “in degrading lewd, lascivious or drug -addictive’ poses.


Sports news - May 1, 1972 

Vida Blue, a Cy Young award winner last season, ends a lengthy salary dispute with owner Charlie Finley and signs with the Oakland A’s for $63 thousand. It was well below his demand of $115,000 but $14,500 above his last year’s salary.

Muhammad Ali turns George Chuvalo into a bloody mess after 5 rounds. It was Ali’s fifth victory on his comeback trail. Ali wants to fight champ Joe Frazier this summer.  


Monday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – May 1, 1972

CBS – CBS Evening News With Walter Cronkite, Gunsmoke, Here’s Lucy, Doris Day Show, Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, Late night movie

NBC – NBC News With John Chancellor, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, NBC Movie-Ellery Queen, Tonight Show

ABC – ABC News with Howard K. Smith and Harry Reasoner, Monday Night Sports, ABC Monday Night Movie, Dick Cavett

PBS – Special-La Rondine, Book Beat


Gunsmoke – Ricardo Montalban guest stars as a cunning half-breed on a vendetta against white men.

Rowan and Martins’ Laugh-In – Carl Reiner in a Mod World look at TV.

ABC Movie – “Daring Game” – Lloyd Bridges returns to his underwater diving escapades. With Michael Ansara, Nico Minardos.

Doris Day – Angie tries to match Doris with the perfect mate. Stars Doris Day, John Dehner. Kay Ballard plays Angie.

Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour – With Tony Randal. Cher sings her hit “Way of Love.”

Johnny Carson begins broadcasting from his permanent home base of Burbank. His guests for the first “official” show from the West Coast are Nancy Reagan, Raquel Welch, Don Rickles, Bob Newhart and Carol Wayne.

Dick Cavett – Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte are Dick’s guest.


Tuesday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – May 1, 1972

CBS – CBS Evening News With Walter Cronkite, Glen Campbell, Hawaii Five-O, Cannon, Campaign ’72 Special

NBC – NBC News With John Chancellor, The Ponderosa, Pilot-Dark Side, James Garner as Nicholas, Campaign ’72 Special

ABC – ABC News With Howard K. Smith and Harry Reasoner, Mod Squad, ABC Made-For-TV Movie, Marcus Welby, MD

PBS – Black Journal


Glen Campbell – American history is the theme for music and comedy tonight. Buddy Hackett and John Byner join in blackouts on the taming of the old West.

Hawaii Five-O – Moses Gunn plays a has-been heavyweight boxer sought by Five-O on a contract killer.

Ponderosa – A series named after the Cartwright ranch and made up of past “Bonanza” episodes. Tonight’s story is a 1968 drama about a woman victimized by a ruthless lumber tycoon. Guest stars Irene Tedrow, John Randolph, Herbert Voland, G.D Spradin, George Murdock

TV Pilot – “Dark Side” – Plot centers on a private eye who’s trying to pass off a skid row bum as a young millionaire’s long-lost father. Stars David Wayne, Robert Webber, Hurd Hatfield, Wendell Burton, Geraldine Brooks

James Garner as “Nicholas” – An episode called “Eddie Joe” centers on the pursuit of a black fugitive by his unrelenting white enemy: a razor-happy ex-prison mate bent on seeing him dead. Guest stars Paul Winfield, Warren Vanders, Eric Laneuville, James Daris.

Black Journal – A profile of Milwaukee Bucks superstar Kareem Abdul-Jabber (Lew Alcindor) – the most valuable player in the NBA the last two years. Jabber discusses his boycott of the 1968 Olympics and his conversion to Islam.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40)USA – May 1, 1972

Roberta Flack - “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” America - Horse With No Name,” Staple Singers - “I’ll Take You There,”  and Jackson Browne “Doctor My Eyes,” Joe Tex - “I Gotcha, Stylistics - “Betcha By Golly Wow,” Al Green - “Look What You’ve Done For Me,” Aretha Franklin - “Day Dreaming,” Cat Stevens - “Morning Has Broken.”


Some top movies – May 1, 1972

 French Connection

Vanishing Point

What’s Up Doc?

The Honkers – James Coburn, Lois Nettleton, Slim Pickens, Ann Archer

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