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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of April 23, 1972 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Nixon announces that the United States will withdraw 20,000 more troops from South Vietnam during May and June, but that air and naval attacks on the north will continue until Hanoi stops the offensive.

Meantime, despite the U.S. air buildup to blunt North Vietnam’s offensive, Hanoi is moving supplies southward along the Ho Chi Minh trail more effectively than it had since the U.S. began concentrating its air attacks to the supply line.  

Sen. Edmund Muskie says he is dropping out of the presidential primary competition while remaining nominally a candidate for the democratic nomination.

Yippies Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman endorse Sen. George McGovern (D-SD) For President. The two announced in New York City that McGovern was “the last chance for the electoral system in this country.”

D.B. Cooper update - The FBI concludes that D.B. Cooper, the ransom hijacker of an airliner last November is bald. Just before Thanksgiving - a man who signed the passenger list as “D.B. Cooper” hijacked a Northwest Airlines 727 jet on a flight from Portland (OR) to Seattle. The plane landed at Seattle where the hijacker freed the passengers and two stewardesses and collected four parachutes and $200,000 in ransom. He ordered the pilot to fly toward Reno at low altitude and low speed. When the plane landed at Reno, the hijacker,  ransom money and two parachutes were gone. The FBI concluded that the hijacker must have parachuted over southwest Washington where a massive search recently was conducted. The search for Cooper shifted to the Bremerton area this week. Land developer William (Jack Lewis) from Seabeck WA has been questioned at least 8 times. He said he believed he knew the identity of Cooper. 


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – April 23, 1972

Found dead in Spain - actor George Sanders (65). A note said he took his own life, “Because I am bored.” 


Radio news – April 23, 1972

CBS ends radio show - Arthur Godfrey retires after 43 years in radio. “I would have liked to stay on with the show. I’ll miss not doing the program. I certainly feel bad about the people on the show, about the band and some of those guys have been with me since the beginning on CBS; all those years together doing a show in the same studio and you get to know people doing that.”

Bob Smith (Wolfman Jack) joins station KDAY (1580) Los  Angeles 7-midnight. For the past six years, he was heard on station XERB (now XPRS) 1090, beamed out of Tijuana. Says Smith – “I never hid anything. I ran the campiest radio station around. We programmed what no one else wanted – preachers and rhythm and blues. Now I want to do my act where I don’t have to worry about selling commercials, y’understand what I mean?” Smith owned the business end of the Tijuana station and just wants to be an air personality. “I’m a personality and I believe that radio’s becoming sterile. It needs more colorful people like (rival KMPC morning man) Dick Whittinghill.” “I’m still doing what I always did; screamin’ behind records and taking freaky phone calls. And I like what KDAY is doing. It has just enough oldies, a taste of progressive rock, a taste of top 40, designed for the 18-35 audience. But no teeny bopper music.” Wolfman also has a syndicated show on six stations.  


Music news  - April 23, 1972

It’s official – The Rolling Stones will begin a 31-city tour of the U.S. – their first tour in the United States in more than two years. It all begins June 3 in Vancouver and ends with a three-night stand July 24-26 at Madison Square Garden.

Still searching for Yoko’s child, John Lennon and Yoko Ono win a two-week delay in deportation proceedings in New York City against them. Lennon’s 1968 conviction in England for possession of marijuana is a major obstacle to his obtaining permanent resident status and his attorneys are attempting to expunge the conviction from the record. A Texas court has given Yoko custody of her 8-year-old daughter, Kyoko, but she and her former husband (Tony Cox) both have disappeared.  


Television news – April 23, 1972

The fourth Jim Henson Muppet special – “The Muppet Musicians of Breman” – adapted from the ancient German folk tale, will be shown next week over the Hughes Network and other stations. Jim Henson says – “These shows were made for the whole family to watch together, but since the prime-time access ruling has pushed network prime time back to 8 o’clock in much of the country, there’s no real market for family shows. Kids can’t stay up to see them. An no matter how Gordon Craig felt, parents believe if there are marionettes or puppets on a show, it’s for kids only.”

More Henson – He offered the networks a half-hour weekly satirical program using the Muppets, but the nets said no, but offered Saturday mornings. His manager says he’s turned down more than $2 million worth of offers to use his Muppets to hawk cereals and candy and toys and games on Saturday morning commercials, which he feels is an absolute violation of his association with Sesame Street as well as his own ideas about victimizing the young.   

Gary Owens signs a contract for his sixth season on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In and just recently began his ninth year at KMPC radio in Los Angeles.

Viewers will get a preview look at Opryland, U.S.A. the new $30 million amusement park opening next month in Nashville. The NBC special will feature Tennessee Ernie Ford, Johnny Cash, Leslie Uggams, Carol Lawrence and Danny Thomas plus members of the Grand Ol’ Opry. 

Given notice - ABC says Dick Cavett has 90 days to improve his ratings. His ratings have dropped because of CBS’ late movie.


Monday night Television listings/programs/TV guide – April 23, 1972

CBS – Special-An Appointment With, Here’s Lucy, Doris Day, Sonny and Cher, late movie

NBC – Roman and Martin, Triple Play, Tonight

ABC – Special-Who Do You Think You Are, Special-ABC News Inquiry, Movie, Dick Cavett


Triple Play (Pilots) –

One is “Call Holme” and stars Arte Johnson as an eccentric detective Fabian Holme; the man of many disguises as he investigates the murder of a wealthy industrialist. Also stars Linda Cristal and Noel Harrison.

“Keeping Up With The Jones” – Story of a white couple and a black couple who share a New York brownstone. Stars Warren Berlinger, Pat Finley, John Amos and Teresa Graves.

“Wednesday Night Out” – About three couples who examine their prejudices when a black female doctor responds to an emergency call. Stars Jim Hutton, Kathleen Nolan, pat Harrington, Brenda Benet.

On the Tonight Show – Phil Silvers, Charo, Sandler and Young.

Dick Cavett – Norman Lear, Jean Stapleton, Joan Rivers.


At the movies – April 23, 1972

The Stepmother – Alejandro Ray, John Anderson, Katherine Justice.

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