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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of April 1, 1972 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

Orlando - Seven Air Force crewman die and at least eight civilians are injured when a burnigB-52 bomber nose-dived into a residential neighborhood and sprayed homes with a sheet of blazing jet fuel.

Vietnam – North Vietnamese forces hammer South Vietnamese positions below the DMZ in the bloodiest fighting since the Tet offensive in 1968.

President Nixon orders the Washington Special Action Grip – a crisis-management committee of his top officials to assess possible U.s. responses to the fighting in South Vietnam. “All options are open,” Presidential Press Secretary Ronald Ziegler said after the meeting.

President Nixon announces the formal U.S. recognition of Bangladesh. More than 50 nations have already recognized the newly independent country formed from East Pakistan after the Indian-Pakistan war last December. The U.S. has been providing extensive aid the Bangladesh since the war ended. 

The United States orders more warplanes to South Vietnam while the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff serves notice that North Vietnamese targets will be bombed as long as Hanoi sends supplies south to support its invasion.

Politics - 1972:

Sen. George McGovern of South Dakota wins the Wisconsin primary with a decisive show of strength:

McGovern - 30%

Wallace - 22%

Humphrey - 21%

Muskie - 10%

Jackson - 8%

Lindsay - 7%

Later, John V. Lindsay withdraws as a presidential candidate.

President Nixon signs legislation to provide the first formal devaluation of the dollar since 1934. The bill increased the official price of gold from $35 to 438 an ounce, cutting the gold value of the dollar by $7.89%. The President said the movie was “a significant step forward in our overall effort for a stronger and more competitive U.S. economy.” His signature on the bill immediately added $828 million to the value of the gold held by the treasury. 

Vietnam - North Vietnamese tanks and troops open a third front within 50 miles of Saigon. President Nguyen Van Thieu declares that South Vietnam is fighting for its existence... Later, it’s announced that the U.S. orders more warplanes in South Vietnam.

Another D.B. Cooper? - A hijacker armed with a pistol and a hand grenade commandeers a United Airlines jetliner, collects $500,00, and then parachutes from the plane over Provo, Utah. He listed himself on the passenger list as A.T. Johnson. The hijacker took over the Boeing 727 a few minutes after it left Denver for Los Angeles. He forced it to fly to San Francisco, where he obtained $500,000 in small denominations and four parachutes in return for the release of 89 passengers and a stewardess. The plane took off to Utah, where the hijacker bailed.  

Joey Gallo, a member of the Gallo Brothers underworld gang, is shot to death in the Little Italy section of lower Manhattan while celebrating his 47th birthday. A single gunman shot him down at 5:30 in the morning.

Passing - Adam Clayton Powell Jr. - Harlem congressman for 24 years (63).


Auto news – GM/Chevy Vegas Recalled – April 1, 1972

General Motors announces that it was recalling about 130,000 Vegas of the 1972 model equipped with an optional 90-horse engine, because of a possible fire hazard involving the fuel and exhaust systems. GM said that preparations for the recall where under way before it learned of a letter by consumer advocate Ralph Nader. Mr. Nader said GM had, in effect, admitted the engine defect orally by instructing dealers to correct the problem if any of the cars were taken into their shops by the owners. 

A new rescue tool is being demonstrated in fire departments around the country - the Hurst tool - better known as, “The jaws of life.” It can crunch, spread, twist and tear the frame of a car that has trapped a passenger in a crash. The new tool is essentially a hydraulic-powered plier device which can be operated by one man. The units cost $3,800 each. 


Fascinating Facts/Hippies – April 1, 1972

The “Tight Squeeze” hippie section of Atlanta, once home to thousands of beautiful people, is fast fading. Police, merchants and departing residents say two-thirds of the young people who lived there as late as last spring have left. Many stories operated by the hippies have closed and real estate developers are moving into the area, north of the city’s business district. 

Ready for Boris Spassky - Bobby Fischer has notified the International Chess Federation in a cablegram received moments before the deadline set for his disqualification – that he is ready to play for the world championship chess title on the terms already set by the federation.

Religion/media – Garner Ted Armstrong (41) is reported to be out of favor with his father – Herbert W. Armstrong. The senior Armstrong (79) is founder of the Saturday Sabbath-observing Worldwide Church of God, the three-campus Ambassador College and magazines and radio and television programs seen/heard around the world. Based out of Pasadena, the $30-million-a-year organization includes two college-owned jets based in Burbank (CA) and is heavily supported by listeners/followers.

In San Mateo County (California), 11-year-old hides-out for 23 days in a crawl space under a neighbor’s house and his discovered in good health. She said she did it because she didn’t like school. She existed on canned goods taken on nightly prowls from the garage of the neighbor’s house. The hideout contained a dusty sleeping bag, some canned goods and several books


Sports news – April 1, 1972

Major league baseball players go on strike for the first time in history. It’s shocking to fans all over the country. Players want team owners either consent to the player’s pension benefit demands or agree to binding arbitration.

NBC sports announcer Curt Gowdy, who makes $350,000 a year – covers the World Series, baseball All-Star game, baseball game of the Week, the Super Bowl (when it’s on NBC), the American Conference Playoffs, regular-season pro football, the Rose Bowl, The NCAA basketball championships, the Olympic Games. WOW!

Dies - New York Mets manager Gil Hodges (47), former star of the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers, collapses and dies. He just returned from a golf match and was strolling back to his motel room with companions in West Palm Beach, when he slumped to the ground. Rushed to the hospital, he died 20 minutes later. He was playing golf because the Mets’ exhibition game with the Expos was canceled by the strike of major league baseball players. To date, Hodges hit more home runs - 370, than any other right-handed batting first baseman in National League history. His most prominent characteristic was a pair of giant hands that helped him save infielders’ poor throws with scoop-shovel precision.

A few days later, Yogi Berra accepts a contract to manage the New York Mets. “I was honored when Mrs Joan Payson and Mr. M. Donald Grant offered me the job. I think we can do it. We have a fine club and we’re going to try like hell to win. I thought it was a great opportunity. I talked it over with my wife and we decided together to take it.”


Entertainment/Celebrity news – April 1, 1972

Carol O’Connor – with new fame on “All In The Family” breaks-in a nightclub act in Reno. He also sang a few songs from the 1930’s. You can catch him at Harrah’s this week.  

Johnny Carson files suit to dissolve his marriage to Mrs Joanne Copeland Carson. They were married in August 1963 and separated in June 1970.

Passing - actor Brian Donlevy - one of Hollywood’s tough guys (69).


Bestselling books – April 1, 1972

The Winds of War - Herman Wauk

Wheels -Arthur Hailey

The Word - Irving Wallace

The Blue Knight - Joseph Wambaugh

The Assassins - Elia Kazan

The Betsy - Harold Robbins

Game of the Foxes - Ladislas Farago

Tracy & Hepburn - Garson Kanin

The Moon’s A Balloon - David Niven

Open Marriage George & Nena O’Neill

The Double Cross System - J.C. Masterman

The Defense Never Rests - F. Lee Bailey

Intimate Behavior - Desmond Morris


Tuesday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – April 1, 1972

CBS - Wisconsin Primary Report, Glen Campbell, Hawaii Five-O, Cannon

NBC - The Admiral, Circus Town, James Garner as Nichols, Wisconsin Primary Report

ABC - Wisconsin Primary Reports, The Mod Squad, Movie, Marcus Welby, MD

Educational TV - The Advocates, Forsyte Saga


The Mod Squad - Captain Grier, recuperating at a vacation resort from the emotional shock of having to kill a young robber, encounters a young woman and finds himself getting sick (literally).

ABC Tuesday Movie of the Week - “Revenge” - repeat of an ABC made-for-TV movie about a deranged woman bent on revenge. Stars Shelly Winters, Stuart Whitman, Bradford Dillman, Carol Rosen and Roger Perry. 

Hawaii Five-O - Wo Fat is back and leads McGarrett on a chase for a pair of printing plates, capable of rendering American currency worthless. Part 1 of 2. Stars Jack Lord, James MacArthur, Kam Fong and Knigh Dheigh as Woe Fat.

James Garner as Nichols - Nichols uses his wit to prevent trouble when Ketcham and an Apache clash over the Indians right to hunt a deer. Costars John Beck and Stuart Margolin.


Music news – April 1, 1972

Karen and Richard Carpenter cancel their engagement at the Roc Hotel in Miami, because the hotel failed to stop serving food while they and their band performed. They said the noisy waiters and clatter of dishes was too distracting and so they cancelled the last seven days of a nine-day run. It was in their contract.

Jimmy Miller - the producer of all the Rolling Stones records since “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” signs a multimillion-dollar deal with ABC/Dunhill Records to produce at least four albums a year for the label. Miller is working on the Stones’ next album - “Exile on Main Street.” “There’s a lot of rock n roll in the new album. There’s more rock n roll than “Sticky Fingers”. It’s what Keith and Mick were writing when we were putting the album together. All the best songs seemed to be up tempo.” He’s since produced “Beggars Banquet,” “Let It Bleed” and “Sticky Fingers.”  Miller has also worked with the Spencer Davis Group, Spooky Tooth and Traffic.

Jethro Tull’s next album - “Thick as a Brick” runs 45 minutes with no individual tracks. It’s due out in spring. The work is based on a poem by an 8-year-old boy.

Elton John’s trademark these days -  boots and shoes with 7 to 8inch heels and soles 3 to 5inches thick. The style is hot in London.

At K-Mart - an 8-Track tape carry all ... Deluxe black alligator design vinyl case holds fifteen 8track cartridges - just $5.44... Record Album Case - Op-art carry case with divider, labels - hold 20 record albums - $2.44.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) USA – April 1, 1972

Horse With No Name - America

Heart of Gold - Neil Young

I Gotcha - Joe Tex

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Roberta Flack

Jungle Fever - Chakachas

In The Rain - The Dramatics

Lion Sleeps Tonight - Robert John

Mother and Child Reunion - Paul Simon

Rockin’ Robin - Michael Jackson

Puppy Love - Donny Osmond

Tauris - Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band

Rock and Roll Lullaby - B.J. Thomas

Give Ireland Back To The Irish - Wings

We’ve Got To Get It On Again - The Addrissi Brothers

Don’t Say You Don’t Remember - Beverly Bremmers

A Cowboy’s Work Is Never Done - Sonny and Cher

Betcha By Golly Wow - The Stylistics

Family of Man - Three Dog Night

Everything I Own - Bread

The Way of Love - Cher

Roundabout - Yes

Baby Blue - Badfinger


Top music albums – April 1, 1972

Harvest - Neil Young

America - America

Nilsson Schmilsson - Nilsson

Fragile - Yes

Paul Simon

American Pie - Don McLean

Let’s Stay Together - Al Green

Concert For Bangladesh - George Harrison and Friends

Baby I’m-a Want You - Bread

Eat A Peach - The Allman Brothers


Other Top Music Albums – April 1,1972

Goin’ For Myself - Dennis Coffey

Richard Nixon Superstar - David Fry

Alvin Lee & Co - Ten Years After

Space & First takes - Lee Michaels

Smokin’ - Humble Pie

Hellbound Train - Savoy Brown

Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get - The Dramatics

Bealtitude: Respect Yourself - The Staple Singers

Machine Head - Deep Purple

In the Beginning - Isaac Hayes

Malo - Malo

Elvis Now - Elvis Presley

Bare Trees - Fleetwood Mac

Morning Glory - Mary Travers

Rockin’ - The Guess Who

Burger - Hot Tuna  

Big Screen, Little Screen - Henry Mancini


Some top movies – April 1, 1972

(Apple presents) Concert For Bangladesh - George Harrison and friends

Diamonds Are Forever - Sean Connery as James Bond, Jill St. John, Charles Gray, Lana Wood, Jimmy Dean, Bruce Cabot

The Godfather - Al Pacino, Marlon Brando

What’s Up Doc? - Barbra Streisand, Ryan O’Neal, Kenneth Mars, Austin Pendleton, Sorrell Booke, Michael Murphy and introducing Madeline Kahn

The Cowboys - John Wayne, Roscoe Lee Browne, Bruce Dern, Coleen Dewhurst

The Carey Treatment - James Coburn, Jennifer O’Neil, Dan O’Herlihy, Pat Hingle

Mary, Queen of Scots - Vannesa Redgrave, Glenda Jackson, Patrick McGoohan, Timothy Dalton, Nigel Davenport, Trevor Howard, Daniel Massey, Ian Holm

The Last Picture Show - Timothy Bottoms, Jeff Bridges, Ellen Burstyn, Ben Johnson, Cloris Leachman

The French Connection - Gene Hackman, Roy Scheider

The Boyfriend - Twiggy, Christopher Gable

Frogs - Ray Milland, Sam Elliott, Joan Van Ark, Adam Roarke

Georgia Georgia - Diana Sands

Dirty Harry - Clint Eastwood

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