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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of March 8, 1972 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

New Hampshire primary – President Nixon and Sen. Edmund Muskie are the winners.

52 persons, most of them women, are injured by a bomb that exploded behind a big movie theater in Belfast.

The National Population Commission says that a two-child family would ease the ills of society and believes the government should adopt policies that would give Americans a real choice in bringing to a halt – the growth rate of the U.S.

The last battalion of Indian soldiers leaves Bangladesh – and at last, it’s on its own. This comes some 87 days after the surrender of the Pakistan Army.

President Nixon, leaving behind his family and key aides, flew to his Camp David retreat for a weekend of solitary study on school busing policy.

An extortionist’s bomb blows out the front section of an empty TWA jetliner in Las Vegas. Earlier, a time bomb was removed from another TWA 707 after the aircraft, which had taken off for LA was called back to Kennedy Airport. The bomb was disarmed 12 minutes before it was set to explode. 45 passengers were on board. 

President Nixon, denouncing extortion plots against the nation’s airliners, orders the immediate implementation of new orders requiring the carriers to impose stricter security regulations.

President Nixon, decrying “vicious extortion plots’ against the nation’s airliners, pledges that the federal government would mobilize all resources “until the current threat is crushed."

The Federal Aviation Administration says that the sky marshal program as such, will end April 1. On that date, all but 220 of the 1,300 customs security officers who have been serving as sky guards will be taken off flight status and placed on ground duty. Flights thereafter will be monitored by armed guards only on a selective basis. Officers will be used in the screening of passengers for would-be hijackers.

In New York - Federal and county indictments are filed against Clifford Irving, his wife Edith and his researcher – Richard Suskind – in connection with one of history’s great literary hoaxes – the now discredited autobiography of Howard Hughes. Among the allegations – that Irving was the forger who sent letters to McGraw-Hill Inc. purporting to be from Howard Hughs. Also – Irving and Suskind, after conducting major research on Hughs but making no contact – conducted numerous tape-recorded interviews – with each other – each alternately playing the role of Howard Hughs.

Another book dispute that involves McGraw Hill… Chief Red Fox – a Sioux Indian whose autobiography is the subject of a dispute over its authenticity, said at his Texas home that he had done nothing wrong, but conceded he had paid $100 for some material he used in the book. The New York Times reported that leading American Indian experts and persons familiar with the places and events mentioned in “The Memoirs of Chief Red Fox” have questioned its authenticity. Fox claims to be 101 years old. Chief Red Fox said he paid $100 in the later 1950’s or early 1960 for eight or nine handwritten pages of notes about the classic Indian fight at Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota. His book’s description of the battle is subject of the lawsuit.

President Nixon’s approval rating is at 56% - the highest point in 14 months.

In France – Protests mounted over the short-lived sale by a supermarket of grotesquely fashioned dolls labeled “Jew.” The German-made dolls, displayed along with others marked “Devil,” “Witch” and “Monkey,” were withdrawn from sale in Dijon and in several other supermarkets in the French provinces.  

A total of 15,000 men will be drafted during April, May and June and total draft calls for the year are now predicted to be 50,000. Those with lottery numbers above 60 are not expected to be called this year. A call-up of 50,000 men in 1972 would be about half the number drafted last year  -when 98.000 were called.

Vietnam – U.S.  Navy F-4 Phantom fighters shot down a Soviet-built North Vietnamese MIG-17 over North Vietnam in the biggest dogfight in nearly four years. 

In a California census – 1 out of 6 – or about 3.1 million people are of Mexican or other Spanish heritage.

Trick - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis testifies that she smiled for a photographer accused of harassing her because “I know he wants to catch me when I’m not smiling.” The smiling photos taken by free-lance photographer Ron Galella have been introduced as evidence in counter suits by Mrs. Onassis and Galella. Mrs. Onassis is seeking an injunction against Galella which would keep him 200 yards from her 5th Ave. apartment and 100 yards from her when she is outside the apartment.


Sports news – March  8, 1972

Rod Gilbert scores his 40th goal of the season in the opening minutes of play to help set a NHL record, but it took a third period goal by Brad park to lift the New York Rangers to a 303 tie against the Black Hawks.


Television news – March 8, 1972

The New Hampshire Primary – ABC-TV coverage with Howard K. Smith and Harry Reasoner.


Music news – March 8, 1972

Ringo Starr will make his directorial debut. It’ll be shot in England and will star Marc Bojan, lead singer with T-Rex. 

Tiny Tim has filed for a legal separation from Ms. Vicki, but says she is, “still my sweet angel.”

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