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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of February 25, 1972 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

President Nixon and Premier Chou En Lai reach agreement on “substantial issues” to improve relations between the United States and China.

President Nixon begins his last day in Peking and visits the Forbidden City. “I don’t want to see it all today. I want to leave something to come back and see.”

Flash flooding in southern West Virginia kills at least 60 persons and leaves an estimated 4,000 homeless.

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader loses a suit to require air bags in cars before 1976. As it now stands regulations require that beginning with 1974 models, auto makers must install either passive restraints or a device that won’t allow the car to be started until all from seat passengers have fastened their seat and shoulder belts.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – February 25, 1972

 “I set out to by the Taj Mahal for my wife’s 40th birthday. Finding it difficult to buy the Taj, I bought this diamond for her instead” said Richard Burton on his wife, Elizabeth’s 40th birthday.

Burt Reynolds is making the rounds and getting more popular in movies and TV. He has guest hosted on Tonight three times, appeared on dozens of game shows, guested on Carol Burnette and Sonny & Cher shows. He just completed “Deliverance” with Jon Voight and “Fuzz” with Yul Brynner. He has another movie in the works – “Shamus.”

 Desi Arnaz Jr. is making a name for himself. Outside of “Here’s Lucy” – he’s made the movie “Red Sky,” played a deaf mute on the “Mod Squad” and as a teen father in the high-rated Movie of the Week – “Mr. And Mrs. Bo Jo Jones.” He’s now making two movies and just won the Golden Globe as the most promising young actor in films and he’s going with singer-actress Liza Minelli. Arnaz just turned 19!


Television news – February 25, 1972

The Jimmy Stewart Show is cancelled by NBC after just one season. He joins motion picture stars James Garner, Anthony Quinn, Shirley MacLaine and George Kennedy who failed to make it with series TV last season.

Jackie Gleason says he wants to make a pilot for a series called The Hustler, based on the character he portrayed in the movie of the same name. Gleason says the character hustles everybody. “He’s expert at pool golf, cards. Because he hangs out in a lot lf lowly places and knows criminals, the government hires him to work undercover” said Gleason.

Seen on TV – Muhammad Ali in an anti-drug commercial. “I’d be lucky to convert three people by saying I’m the champion. Stop taking dope kids because it ain’t good they ain’t gonna stop. How can a kid from the ghetto way no to takin’ dope. Somebody’s got to remind him that if they knew how great the black man’s future was and if they knew that’s coming; they would get with it and stop dope.”

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