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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of January 24, 1972 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Britain, Denmark, Ireland and Norway join the European Common Market this week – expanding the community to 10 members – and the world’s largest trading power.  

President Nixon submits a $246.3 billion budget, while revenue would reach only $220.8 billion – a $25 billion deficit. Combined with a $23 billion deficit last year, that equals deficit financing amounting to more than $87 billion.

President Nixon tells Congress he was determined to cut the nation’s unemployment rate significantly this year and to keep his wage-price control system until reasonable price stability is attained.

President Nixon makes public, a secret plan for peace in Vietnam which includes the withdrawal of all U.S. forces in all Indochina, cease fire and the release of al prisoners of war. Also included – new elections in South Vietnam six months after an agreement.

President Nixon urges congress to “stop raids on the treasury” by imposing a rigid ceiling to keep the federal spending within the $246.3 billion requested on his new red-ink budget.

The North Vietnamese dismiss President Nixon’s Indochina speech as a political maneuver and claim he broke a promise by disclosing secret talks between Henry A. Kissinger and the Communist delegation to the Paris peace talks.

North Vietnam discloses details of its own secret nine-point Vietnam peace plan and accuses president Nixon of “duplicity” in disclosing details last week of secret Hanoi-Washington negotiations.

Carol Feraci – a 30-year-old Canadian woman denounces the war in Vietnam from a stage in the White House East Room – before an astounded audience that included Mr. and Mrs Nixon. The protest occurred at the entertainment following a dinner for Nixon gave for Mr. And Mrs. Dewitt Wallace – co-founders of Reader’s Digest. Ms. Feraci is a member of the Ray Conniff singers. She suddenly pulled a sign that read, “Stop the killing,” and stepped forward and addressed President Nixon sitting in the front row just below her. “President Nixon, stop bombing human beings, animals and vegetation. You go to church on Sunday and pray to Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ was in this room tonight you would not dare to drop another bomb."

Pakistan withdraws from the British Commonwealth after it was advised that Britain and tow other major members would grant diplomatic recognition to Bangladesh. Australia, New Zealand and Cambodia recognize the new nation as of now.

The Bangladesh news agency reports that the remains of thousands of people massacred by the Pakistan army have been found in the southern district of Khulna.

William Ruckelshaus of the EPA says he wants the public to be fully informed by “a great national debate” before his agency decides whether to grant auto makers a year’s delay in meeting tough new exhaust-cleanup standards.

Rep. Shirley Chisholm, the nation’s first black congresswoman, announces her candidacy form the Democratic presidential nomination. “I am not the candidate of black America, although I am black and proud. I am not the candidate of the women’s movement n this country, although I am a woman and I am equally proud of that.”

Police search New York City for three suspects wanted in the slayings of two patrolmen in the East Village section of Manhattan. Patrolmen Greg Foster – a black and Rocco Laurie – a white where killed while investigating an illegally parked car. They were buddies who served together in Vietnam.

John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV, who came to West Virginia from New York as an antipoverty worker in 1964, announces he is a candidate to become governor of Virginia – his adopted state. New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller and former Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller of Arkansas are his uncles. His father, John D. Rockefeller III is one of the nation’s leading philanthropists.

The firing of Angela Davis from the UCLA faculty because of her membership in the Communist Party is ruled unconstitutional by the California state Court of Appeal.

Black Panthers mellowing – Founder Huey Newton says the party is putting down its guns and is working within the system. Newton still believes that revolution is inevitable in the U.S. and that it may be violent. But for the present, he said, the Panthers will “organize the community” by such means as picketing merchants to force them to contribute money or merchandise and a new national voter registration drive which is to extend to the Deep South.

A would-be hijacker is shot and wounded by FBI agents posing as crewmen after he hijacked a Los Angeles-to-New York jet and demanded $306,000 in ransom.

Book publisher McGraw Hill files criminal fraud charges against “unknown persons” for cashing checks worth $650,000 ostensibly paid to Howard Hughes for his autobiography. The company filed the charges in order to avoid the complicated procedure of having U.S. diplomats request the Swiss government for legal assistance.  McGraw Hill and Life magazine, which was to publish excerpts, have help up publication of the purported autobiography coauthored by Clifford Irving, pending a resolution of the mystery of who received, deposited and cashed the $650,000 in the Zurich bank. Later, Irving admitted that his wife opened a Swiss bank account in the name of “H.R. Hughes” and deposited the money. The checks were made out to Howard Hughs.

A chemical bomb is lobbed into the Manhattan skyscraper office of Sol Hurok, starting a fire that killed one of his employees. Panic erupted among 56 persons trapped on three floors. Hurok (83) was taken to a hospital gasping from smoke inhalation. Hurok, a Russian emigrant, is one of the largest importers of Soviet artistic talent in the U.S. Hurok for 60 years has presented American audiences with a succession of the world’s greatest artists. Still working out of that office. Mr. Hurok adds daily to the more than 5,000 theatrical performances that have carried the prestigious booking “S. Hurok Presents.” An anonymous caller, who later took credit for the assault, said the explosive device was set off to protest treatment of Soviet Jews.

Interest rates on home mortgages fall below 7% - the first time in four years.

To fight drug pushers - President Nixon creates the office of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement and points Customs Commissioner Miles Ambrose to head it.

The Nixon plan for peace in Vietnam is formally presented to the 142nd session of the Paris peace talks.


Sports news – January 24, 1972

The New York Giants send quarterback Fran Tarkenton back to Minnesota in exchange for Vikings’ All Pro wide receiver Bob Grim and their No. 1 draft choice.

Vernon (Lefty) Gomez, New York Yankees ace southpaw of the 1930’s; outfielder Ross Youngs of the New York Giants and former American League president Will Harridge are elected into the baseball hall of fame. 

Wilt Chamberlain sets an NBA rebound record – boosting his lifetime total to 21,722, surpassing the record set by Boston’s Bill Russell.

Atlanta blew all but three points of a 17-point lead, but Pete Maravich poured in 14 of his 35 points in the last five minutes to lift the Hawks to a 118-113 victory over Milwaukee.


Entertainment/Celebrity news –January 24, 1972

Media – Mrs. Joan Scully (35) wife of Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully, is found dead in her home in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles. A doctor says she died of natural causes. She had been suffering from a severe cold and bronchitis and was taking medication to help her rest. The Dodgers issued a statement saying Mrs. Scully died in her sleep after taking an accidental overdose of drugs while under the care of a physician. She was found by her husband after hearing their dog bark. He checked on her around 3am and found she was not breathing.

Passing – Mahalia Jackson (60) – renowned gospel singer.  Her she left an estate of $1 million.  She was said to be in failing health the last few years.  She entered a Chicago hospital Jan. 19. Attendants said she was suffering from an intestinal obstruction associated with heart disease. She died in the intensive care unit.


Music news – January 24, 1972

Artist-jeweler Sacha Brastoff has requested the immediate return of $1 million worth of diamonds and original living sculptured jewelry that he had provided for the Supremes during their one-month engagement at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas. Because of publicity of the jewels, the insurance company says it cannot insure the collection.

His fourth album - David Bowie’s first RCA album is out this week – “Honky Dory.” His first two were on Mercury and third on Deram. One of the terrific songs on the album – “Changes.” While his first three albums bombed here in the States, this one could take off.

Also on RCA – Cass Elliott has her first album out on the label – “Cass Elliott.”

Bobby Darin is back in his first nightclub appearance since his open-heart surgery last February. He’s appearing at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas.


Television news – January 24, 1972

Another TV movie of the week hits #1 in the ratings. “The Night Stalker” – an ABC TV movie replaces “Brian’s Song” as the highest rated movie-of-the-week in television history. The movie, starring Darrin McGavin, earned a 32.2 rating for the week ending January 16.

Wow – Rick Nelson plays a rapist in an edition of Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law on ABC-TV.

 Lulu, the hefty character of the Hee Haw television series, is sentenced to four years in the state penitentiary after she was convicted for marijuana possession. Real name Bertha Louise Roman – she was arrested March of last year when police raided her Dallas apartment and found 5 ½ pounds of the stuff.   


Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – January 24, 1972  

CBS – Me and the Chimp, My Three Sons, Lyndon Johnson Talks Politics, CBS Reports, Merv Griffin

NBC – Flip Wilson, Ironside, Dean Martin, Johnny Carson

ABC – Alias Smith and Jones, Longstreet, Owen Marshall, Dick Cavett


Flip Wilson – Johnny Cash, June Carter and Jim Brown guest.

Longstreet – Mike is persuaded to spend a week with a newly-blinded man who has lost all desire to live.

Dean Martin – Raymond Burr, Bob Newhart and Elaine Stritch guest.

Johnny Carson – Rob Reiner and Mac Davis.


Wednesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – January 24, 1973

CBS – Carol Burnett, Medical Center, Mannix, Merv Griffin

NBC – Adam 12, NBC Mystery Movie, Rod Serling’s Night Gallery, Johnny Carson

ABC – Courtship of Eddie’s Father, ABC Comedy Hour, the Persuaders, Dick Cavett

NET – Great American Dream Machine


Great American Dream Machine – Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier talk about their American dreams. 

Carol Burnett – Tim Conway and Ray Charles guest.

NBC Mystery Movie – “Cutter” – about a black detective who searches for a missing pro football quarterback. Stars Peter DeAnda, Cameron Mitchell, Robert Webber, Barbara Rush.

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