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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of January 15, 1972 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

Wholesale prices record their steepest climb in 10 months – up .8% in December.

President Nixon personally orders a general tightening of security within the Administration to prevent leaks of information similar to the publication of secret U.S. deliberations on the India-Pakistan war. 

The Nixon Administration, under growing pressure from governors, big cities and Congress, announces an abrupt reversal of food stamp policy and orders that full benefits be restored to al eligible needy persons.  

More than 100 women are evicted from the House galleries on the first day of the reconvened 92nd Congress when they demonstrated in behalf of a move to censure President Nixon.  They stood up and held banners after rep Bella Abzug (D-NY) made a speech explaining her resolution to censure the President for not fixing a date to withdraw troops from Indochina.

In Chicago - Two college students – Allen Schwander and Steve Pera are charged with conspiracy to commit murder in what was a plot to poison water supplies in the Midwest with typhoid and deadly bacteria. The aim was to build a master race among the survivors of the poisoning who would have undergone treatments to make them immune.

The FDIC pledges $60 million in loans to Detroit’s Bank of the Commonwealth, left in shaky condition by bad management.

President Nixon will submit to Congress a revolutionary proposal to reduce and possibly eliminate the traditional property—tax financing of American public schools. In his state of the Union Address, the President said the problem of soaring property taxes and school costs must be solved with “greater urgency” because of four recent court decisions which held that present financing of education was discriminatory and unconstitutional. 

Florida closes the doors of the state prison system to new inmates in an effort to relieve overcrowding. Built to hold 8,323 inmates the system how has 9,658 prisoners.

Eldridge Cleaver steps down as head of the international section of the Black Panther party in Algeria and has assumed “new duties” with an urban, guerrilla group.  

The Commerce Department said inflation slowed to a crawl last year – 2.7% with a 6.1% increase in “real GNP.”

Passing – King Frederik IX of Denmark.  His 31-year-old daughter – Margrethe becomes queen.

Coretta King – says she is still working to have her slain husband’s birthday declared a national holiday.

The Democrats will have their time on TV – on all 4 networks (PBS) too – and viewers will be able to call-in. A panel will outline democratic alternatives to whatever President Nixon proposes in his state-of-the-union address. Not this, but next Friday night!


Teen news – January 15, 1972

Teen news - Teen girls calling a phone number published by Teens’ Star magazine, were supposed to hear greetings from a recorded Donny Osmond and David Cassidy, but the phone lines got so jammed, the phone company cut if off.

Radio news – January 15, 1972

Los Angeles Is Home To The Greatest Radio Around. Robert W. Morgan Is Back On 93/KHJ After Spending Last Year At WIND Chicago. Also, Don’t Miss Gary Owens Afternoons On KMPC.


Sports news – January 15, 1972

Joe Frazier TKO’s Terry Daniels in the fourth round of a bout in New Orleans. 

Bookstores – “I Am Third” by Gale Sayers.

Super Bowl halftime show – Tommy Walker presents “it’s New in ’72.” It’ll salute Transpo ’72 – the history of transportation.

Roger Staubach and the Dallas Cowboys win Super Bowl VI, beating the Miami Dolphins 24-3.

Jerry West gets MVP in the NBA All-Star game as the West beats the East 112-110.

Sandy Koufax is voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame – the youngest inductee ever. Also in – Yogi Berra and early Wynn. Koufax is 36.


Music news – January 15, 1972

Back to the 50’s - Dick Clark’s American Bandstand will present a special salute to the 50s on Feb. 5. Look for Little Richard and Flash Cadillac.

Elvis Presley is at the Las Vegas Hilton!

Passing – Ross Bagdasarian – (52) best known for the creation of Alvin and the Chipmunks. In this photo, he’s yelling AL…VIN!


Television news – January 15, 1972

Premiere this week – “Emergency!” on NBC-TV. Produced by Jack Webb.


Friday night television listings/programs/TV guide – January 15, 1972

CBS – O’Hara U.S. Treasury, Movie, Don Rickles Show

NBC – Sanford and Son, Movie, Johnny Carson

ABC – Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, Room 222, Odd Couple, Love American Style, Dick Cavett


Brady Bunch – Jan finds a picture of Aunt Jenny and believes she’ll look like her when she’s older – and that’s not something she’s happy about.

Partridge Family – Keith moves into his own pad.


Saturday night television listings/programs/TV guide – January 15, 1972

CBS – All in the Family, Mary Tyler Moore, New Dick Van Dyke Show, Arnie, Mission: Impossible

NBC – (debut) Pilot Movie of Emergency (debuting next week, see ad), Lights Out

ABC – Bewitched, Movie, (debut) Sixth Sense.


Lights Out – Pilot for an anthology series on the occult.

Sixth Sense – Series about the occult. Stars Gary Gollins. 


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – January 15, 1972

American Pie – Don McLean

Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

Scorpio – Dennis Coffey

I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing – New Seekers

Clean Up Woman – Betty Wright

Day after Day – Badfinger

Sunshine – Jonathan Edwards


Top music albums – January 15, 1972

Concert for Bangla Desh – George Harrison and Friends

Chicago at Carnegie Hall

Led Zeppelin 4

Wild Life – Wings

Teaser and the Firecat – Cat Stevens

All in the Famiy

Music – Carole King

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