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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of November 22, 1971 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

Pakistani reports indicated that India has launched a massive attack on East Pakistan.

The feud between China and Russia gets obvious at the U.N., after the Chinese attack Soviet disarmament proposals as a ruse to perpetuate he nuclear monopoly of Moscow and Washington.

Prime Minister Wasfi Tell, prime minister of Jordan and a foe of the Palestinian guerrillas, is assassinated in Cairo.

A chunk of swinging London, about half of Carnaby Street, is auctioned off for $8.5 million. The successful bidder was Peachey Property Corp and what was bought was 54 properties on one side of Carnaby Street and two adjacent blocks.

In Phoenix – An 18-year-old girl with four younger sisters to raise, says she is willing to marry “any man over 21, no age limit, to keep her family together. “The chances are no one would take in five of us,” she said, “and I don’t want to part with my sisters.” The girl, who won’t give her name, is acting on advice from an attorney. 

Radio Pakistan claims the Pakistani army has turned back an Indian offensive in East Pakistan, killing more than 800 invaders. India denies its troops are fighting there.

The price commission gives Ford Motor Co. authority to charge an average of 2.9% more in 1972 model trucks, cars and optional equipment.

A man apparently armed with a bomb, hijacks a Northwest airlines jetliner, demands and received $200,000 form the airline and may have jumped from the plane after receiving four parachutes at Seattle Airport. The hijacker had ordered the plane to fly with its rear stairwell open. The hijacker took over the plane shortly before it was to land in Seattle on a flight from Washington DC. On the ground in Seattle, he allowed all 36 passengers and two stewardesses to leave.

FBI agents search rugged wilderness in three states to track down a swarthy master criminal who parachuted from a hijacked jetliner with $200,000 in ransom. It was the first time a hijacker has parachuted from a plane, and the ransom was the biggest ever paid in a U.S hijacking. The FBI began its search for the hijacker around the Lake Merwin Reservoir on the Lewis River in southern Washington. (This is the saga of someone who signed his or her name D.B. Cooper). More later.   

The U.S. trade deficit with other nations rises to $821 million, the largest single imbalance ever recorded, so says the Commerce Department.

Life magazine says it will reduce its circulation from 7 million to 5.5 million with the Jan. 14 1972 issue and would seek approval to raise some advertising rates and its price to the reader.

Crazy in Louisiana politics – Louisiana Atty. Gen. Jack Gremillion calls Gov. John McKeithen, “a first class coward” after he challenged the governor to bring a gun to the state Capitol. Gremillion’s challenge was issued in response to a remark McKeithen made in a speech recently. “I’m awfully embarrassed by our attorney general,” McKeithen said then. “ I don’t know oaf anything else to do but shoot him.”

Robert Welch, founder and president of the John Birch Society says that one of his major goals of the group in 1972 would be to get the United States out of the United Nations. He told a news conference The United Nations “is a vehicle for Communist global conquest.”

Exiled in Italy, Joe Adonis – a major figure in organized crime passes. He was 69.


Men’s Fashion – November 22, 1971

Winter Fashion for men – flight jacket is emerging as a slick new style – one of the biggest looks for winter with shirt and tie for business or with old faded blue jeans. Many of the snug-fitting fight jackets are fur trimmed or lined in natural lamb. Also for men – sweaters are big. 


Sports news – November 22, 1971

Atlanta’s slugging young catcher Earl Williams is named National League Rookie of the Year.


Music news – November 22, 1971

Bob Dylan has a new single out – a social comment built around the death of George Jackson last August at San Quentin called “George Jackson.”


Television news – November 22, 1971

President Nixon’s working day of December 6 will be filmed by NBC and shown on Tuesday, December 21. The film, titled, “December 6, 1971: A day in the Presidency,” will portray President Nixon as “tougher and less wordy” than he appears in formal appearances.

Nice movie promotion - The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade will feature 25 girls dressed as Twiggy, who appears in the new movie, “The Boy Friend.”

Merv Griffin confirms his first show back in syndication will be March 13 – the day he replaces David Frost. The show will be produced in Hollywood.


Thursday night television listings/programs/TV guide – November 22, 1971

CBS – Bearcats, 60 Minutes, CBs Reports, Merv Griffin

NBC – Flip Wilson, Ironside, Dean Martin Show, Tonight

ABC – College Football, Dick Cavett

PBS – Washington Week in Review, This Week, Free Time


Bearcats stars Dennis Cole and Rod Taylor.


Some top movies – November 22, 1971

Johnny Got His Gun – Timothy Bottoms Kath Fields

Going Home – Robert Mitchum, Brenda Voccaro

The Go-between – Julie Christie/Alan Bates

Happy Birthday Wanda June – Rod Steiger, Susannah York

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