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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of November 15, 1971 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

Reversing earlier decision - The Cost of Living Council rules auto makers and other large companies must get permission in advance to raise prices after all.

Mainland China is officially welcomed into the United Nations and after all the welcoming speeches took the occasion to launch an attack against the U.S. It demanded an immediate Vietnam pullout and an end to Taipei.

With the military situation worsening in Cambodia. U.S. warplanes have stepped up their support of Cambodian troops.

Former President and Mrs. Lyndon Johnson return to the White House as guests of President and Mrs. Nixon for worship services and joined in the receiving line afterward.

Word has gone out from the White House that the Administration wants more mobsters to be arrested to improve the appearance of its anticrime record for President’ Nixon’s reelection campaign next year, so reports Time magazine.

The 9th U.S. circuit Court of Appeals rules that Capt. Susan Struck, the first air Force officer to give birth when on active duty, can be discharged because of “a compelling public interest to not having pregnant female soldiers in the military establishment.”

Appearing in Miami – President Nixon talks tough and tells the nation’s union leaders he would pursue his new economic program with or without their cooperation. 

War with Israel - President Anwar Sadat tells troops that, “there is no longer any hope at all in peaceful solutions” in the Middle East and Egypt has decided to go to war.” “Perhaps this is Allah’s will that I should get this chance for meeting with you, now to tell you that our decision is fighting…”

A Roman Catholic girl who was tarred and whose head was shorn because she loved a British soldier marries him in a secret ceremony, behind a shield of military security. Marty Doherty (19) wore a wig to replace the shoulder length hair cut off by a “women’s revenge group.”

The London Daily Mail reports Princess Lee Radziwill says she cringes when the phone rings because, “Nine times out of 10, it’s been bad news.”

Time magazine quotes Sen. Edward Kennedy as saying it would be very difficult to beat President Nixon in 1972. Kennedy said Mr. Nixon would be “extremely difficult” to beat if he is successful in ending the Vietnam war, in reaching accord at the strategic arms limitation talks now under way with the soviet Union and in solving economic problem. 


Sports news – November 15, 1971

At Wembley, England - Heavyweight Jerry Quarry KO’s British and European champ Jack Bodell.

Vida Blue gets the American League’s Most Valuable Player. Last summer, President Nixon called Blue “the most underpaid player in baseball.” Blue earned an estimated $14,000 this year.

Willie Stargell, the Pittsburgh Pirate slugger, says he should have been named the MVP in the National League this season. Instead, he finished second to Joe Torre of St. Louis. “I feel I deserved it. I’m basing my thoughts on the fact that I did everything I set out to do and we won the World Series. I’m not taking anything away from Joe.” Stargell just underwent surgery this week on his left knee to repair a misplaced and torn cartilage.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – November 15, 1971

Richard M. Dixon, whose real name is James LaRoe, is an actor who is a near double for the President. The resemblance is so striking that even the Secret Service has snapped pictures for their own photographic dossier on the impersonator. Harper’s Bazaar will publish a six-page fashion layout featuring him in its January issue titled “The Political Year Begins.” Dixon is shown spoofing his look-alike in sots that range from one in which he and two black models give clenched fist Black Power salute to another in which he flashes the peace sign to a hippie holding a sign that reads; stamp pout pot.”


Playing in Las Vegas –

Harry Belafonte/Nancy Wilson  - Caesars Palace

Debbie Reynolds – desert Inn

Ella Fitzgeralds – Flamingo

Marty Robbins – Fremont

Phil Harris/Harry James – Frontier

Dick Jenson – landmark

Ann-Margret – International

Totie Fields – Riviera

Buddy Hackett – Sahara

Sammy Davis Jr. – Sands


Radio news – November 15, 1971

WNEW morning man Gene Klaven’s show brings in about one-half the total revenue to the New York station – about $3 million last year.


Music news – November 15, 1971

Gayle McCormick, who had a hit with the group “Smith” in 1969 with “Baby It’s You” is going at it solo now. “I don’t want people to think I was unhappy with Smith. I’m grateful for much of what happened with Smith. We had a hit and I was able to make a lot of progress in the music business.” She says by the group’s second album, most of the original band had disbanded anyway.

Don McLean’s “American Pie” is being heard more and more. Released just a few weeks, it’s a rich panorama of the last 10 years in America. Everyone who hears the song, seams to want to piece together its meaning. Looks like a big hit for McLean.


Television news – November 15, 1971

Singer Vikki Carr will make her dramatic debut in an episode of ABC’s “Mod Squad.” Look for her in “”Deal with the Devil.”

Julie London and Robert Fuller will head the cast of “Emergency!” - a new show produced by Jack Webb’s Mark VII Productions. It’s scheduled for a midseason start on NBC Jan. 22 and introduced with a two-hour movie of the same title January 15. Other regulars are Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe as two young paramedic specialists. Bobby Troupe will appear in an occasional role as a surgeon.

George Plimpton – the real life Walter Mitty, is at it again. First, he played with the Detroit Lions in training camp, which was the subject of his book “Paper Lion.” He’s also done acting in TV and a standup comic in Las Vegas. This week, look for Plimpton, this time with the Baltimore Colts in “Plimpton! The Great Quarterback Sneak” on ABC-TV.

Merv Griffin says he’s glad he moved from New York to California. It was a good move even though he’s leaving his CBS talkshow. “The show got very dirty when I was in New York, because I never watched, it. I was so bored I hated it. I got sick of reading that an actor was coming east to d the Dick Cavett and Mike Douglas shows. I’d say ‘thank God they missed us.” Rival Dick Cavett at one time wrote for Griffith. Griffin’s director, Dick Carson, is rival Johnny Carson’s brother.


Thursday night television listings/programs/TV guide – November 15, 1971

CBS – Bearcats, Movie, Merv Griffin

NBC – Flip Wilson, Nichols, Dean Martin

ABC – Alias Smith & Jones, Longstreet, Owen Marshall, Dick Cavett

PBS – Hollywood TV Theater, World Press David Littlejohn


Flip Wilson – Tim Conway, Andy Griffith and the Clara Ward Singers.

Longstreet – Mike is present when a waitress is murdered in a café.

Dean Martin – Joey Bishop and Joanne Pflug guest.

Tonight Show – From Burbank – Caterine Valente, James Coburn, Jennifer O’Neill.

Dick Cavett – Willis Reed and Lee Trevino.


Some top movies – November 15, 1971

Who Says I Can’t Ride A Rainbow? – Jack Klugman

Murmur of the Heart

King Lear – Cyril Cusack, Tom Fleming

Frank Zappa’s 200 Motels

The Bus Is Coming (O.C. Smith sings the title song)

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