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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of October 24, 1971 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Ireland - British troops shoot five people dead in Northern Ireland – two sisters in Belfast and three alleged bank robbers in Newry. 

Leonid I. Breshnev arrives in Paris for his first official visit to a Western capital in his seven years as a top Kremlin leader.

An American Airlines Boeing 747 with 237 persons aboard – including three sky marshals and an FBI agent is hijacked to Cuba during a flight from New York to Puerto Rico. The FAA said a man armed with a gun took a stewardess hostage in the first class lounge about an hour after the jet left Kennedy International.

22 year Assembly battle ends - The United States takes a stunning defeat as the U.N. General Assembly beats down delaying efforts and pushes through the Albanian resolution seating Communist China and ousting Taiwan. U.S. Ambassador George Bush, speaking to newsman after the U.s. defeat calls the vote a “moment of infamy” and said he was stunned by the action, blaming himself.

Communist China reveled in its U.N. victory, but warned that the United States and Japan still favor “two Chinas” in an effort to keep Taiwan forever separate from the People’s Republic.

President Nixon, voicing shock and an “undisguised glee” with which some U.N. members helped oust National China. President Nixon signals Congress that he would not impede moves to slash funds for the United Nations and foreign aid.

Britain takes the historic step with a parliamentary vote for the principle of entry into the European Common market.


Celebrity news – October 24, 1971

Life Magazine reports that Vice President Agnew has confided to intimate friends that he is worried he will be dumped by President Nixon in 1972. As things stand now Life said, Agnew’s popularity is at an all-time low – including a 47% negative rating in the south. 

New Book – “If They Come in the Morning” By Angela Y. Davis.

Passing – Paul Terry, founder of the famed “Terrytoons” cartoon studio – makers of Mighty Mouse and others. He was 84.


 Music news – October 24, 1971

The remaining Doors – Drummer John Densmore, Robbie Krieger and Ray Manzarek are going it alone without their leader – the late Jim Morrison. They just recorded “Other Voices.” The trio will have their first concert tour beginning November 12 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Densmore says – “After the shock of Jim's death wore off a little, we got together and talked about the future. Actually, we had been thinking about the future for some time. Our contract with Elektra had run out and Jim wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. He went to Paris to do some writing and some thinking. It was one of those awkward periods; we didn’t know what was going to happen. After Jim’s death, we decided that we did want to stay together. We felt we still had a lot of music left inside us. Besides, we were friends and we knew each other’s moves musically. When Ray does something on organ for instance, Robbie and I know just where he’s gong. You don’t give up something like that.”

More music – Bernie Taupin, the lyricist for Elton John, will have his own album out this week. Elton John’s latest album “Mad Man Across the Water” is also released this week. 

Ms. – a new magazine for women which will explore the feminist culture and its effects on human life will be introduced in New York December 15.


Television news – October 24, 1971

Sunday Duncan, star of “Funny Face’ on CBS-TV, is admitted into UCLA for a series of examinations for an eye condition which may necessitate surgery. She has been suffering from optic neuritis, a virus that affected her left eye. She has only been able to see vague outlines with the eye for several weeks. 

Don’t  miss an NBC-TV spectacular – the Grand Opening of Walt Disney World. Friday this week.

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