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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of August 22, 1971 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

The Nixon Administration takes legal action against Texas Gov. Preston Smith for ordering raises for 100,000 state employees and teachers in defiance of President Nixon’s wage-price freeze.

The life sentence of Lt. William L. Calley Jr. for murdering 22 Vietnamese civilians at My Lai is reduced to 2 years by Lt. Gen. Albert O Connor – the 3rd Army commanding general. He said the reduction was appropriate for the offense. The case now goes up a chain of review ending with President Nixon and further reduction is possible. Calley has been confined to his quarters at Ft. Benning, GA. since his conviction nearly five months ago. 

Former Gen Duong Van Minh withdraws from South Vietnam’s presidential race. Leaving President Nguyen Van Thieu unopposed in the Oct. 3 election.

It’s announced that President and Mrs. Nixon will meet with the Emperor and Empress of Japan in Anchorage.

Three prison guards and three convicts, including black militant George Jackson are killed after an attempted break-out at San Quentin prison in California. Later, it’s revealed that guards had found a gun hidden in the afro of George Jackson as he was being searched on his return from seeing a visitor. Jackson, is one of the Soledad Brothers. 

Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace challenges another federal court order by ordering the Calhoun County School Board not to combine two all-white schools with an all-black school.

The dollar opens strong in major European markets on the first day of renewed foreign exchange trading.

Camden, NJ - The FBI arrests 20 persons on charges of trying to steal Selective Service records in a well-planned burglary attempt. Those arrested included two Roman Catholic priests and a Protestant minister. Some draft records were destroyed.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower is injured on her second day at Atlantic Beach Elementary school when a steel book cart toppled onto her left foot, breaking her big toe. She was fitted with a walking cast and is expected to be on the job this week.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (17) – son of the late New York Senator, is ordered to pay $50 in court costs on a loitering charge, after he allegedly spat ice cream into a policeman’s face. This comes about two weeks after his probation ended for a marijuana offense.

A Berlin agreement to end the 26-year harassment of West Berlin by the Communist powers is completed by the ambassadors of the four powers of World War II. Among the details – The Russians agreed to accept with the  three Western powers, responsibility to keep traffic flowing in and out of the city.

Licenses delayed - The Nevada State gaming Commission votes against licensing corporate changes for Howard Hughes, the absentee owner of seven casinos, unless and until Hughes himself communicates satisfactorily with the commission.

Japan’s yen gains 5.19% in value in relation to the dollars as the nation abandoned its fixed exchange rate of 360 yen to the dollar for the first time in 22 years.

President Nixon approves the text of the four-power Berlin agreement and predicts its final signing would be a “major step in relieving world tension.”

Administration officials tell Congress for the first time that they are considering the establishment of wage-price review board when President Nixon’s temporary wage-price-rent-freeze expires November 13. 

Women’s liberationists disrupt trading at the American Stock exchange, tried to stop business at a bank and paraded by the thousands up 5th Ave. to mark the 51st anniversary of women’s suffrage. The National Organization For Women sponsored the “Women’s Rights Day” events culminating with the march and a mass rally in Central park to demand full equality.

The Cost of Living Council decides that automobile dealers could sell their 1972 models at the price for which 1971 models sold when they were first introduced.


Fascinating Business news – August 22, 1971

The FTC orders 11 makers of air conditioning units and four manufacturers of electric razors to document advertising claims made for their products. The companies include General Electric, Raytheon, Westinghouse, White Consolidate Industries Whirlpool, Sperry Rand, Sunbeam and Schick Electric.


Sports news – August 22, 1971

The New York Giants announce the will move across the Hudson River to New Jersey no later than the 1975 football season and become the first major league football team in the history of New Jersey.

World record holder Mark Spitz of the Arden Hills Swim Club wins a duel down the stretch with Larry Heidenreich to take the men’s 200-meter free-style in Houston.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – August 22, 1971

Get Married – Dick Martin (Rowan and Martin) to actress Dolly Read. It’s his second marriage.

British actor James Mason marries Australian actress Clarissa Kaye.

Looks like Steve McQueen will get 15% of the gross for his next movie – “The Getaway” for Paramount. The deal may set a precedent. Few actors have ever taken a gross – much less a big gross. Warren Beatty did it in his current movie – “McCabe” and Carry Grant was said to have done it. This could be a precedent. 

Bette Davis files a $3.3 million damage suit, charging that the producer of her latest film had engaged her role in the picture without her consent.  “Bunny O’ Hare” was supposed to be “a social documentary with humorous undertones” but was altered after filming into “a materially different production.” Named is American International Pictures.

Deana Martin - Daughter of Dean Martin, is called as a state witness in the trial of Charles (Tex) Watson for the seven Tate-La Bianca murders. She recalled that in July or October 1968, she and Terry Melcher attended a party at the home of Dennis Wilson, a drummer with the Beach Boys. About dusk, she said, the party moved to the home of Melcher, the same residence, which, under lease to producer Roman Polanski, was to be the setting for the slaying of Polanski’s wife and others. Terry Melcher testified he met Watson in December 1968 at Wilson’s home a number of times. “He was a friend of Wilson and Gregg Jakobson, who worked for me as a talent scout and he was always tagging around with them when they came to see me” said Melcher. 

Passing – Bennett Cerf – founded Random House who also appeared on “What’s My Line?” He was 73.

Passing – Ted Lewis (80) – last of the great vaudeville performers.

Artist Peter Max has created a line of sneakers for Kinney’s Shoes. They are called the Zapper, the Flasher, the Grinner and the Smiler.


Radio news – August 22, 1971

Former KHJ (Los Angeles) night DJ Humble Harve Miller – who affirmed his guilt in court, is sentence for a term of five years to life for killing his wife, Mary.  He plead guilty to second-degree murder – the unlawful killing of a human being with malice, but without premeditation on Aug 2. His seven-year marriage was described as “stormy and tempestuous” and Mrs. Miller as “domineering and literally a witch.” Miller could be paroled in as little as 3 ½ years. 


Music news – August 22, 1971

The Jackson 5 perform at the Hollywood Bowl. 

New York - More than 1,000 persons crowded into St. Peter’s Lutheran Church for the funeral of King Curtis. Aretha Franklin sang “Never Grow Old,” and Steve Wonder sang “Abraham, Martin and John."

Music movie – Warner Brothers’ “Medicine Ball Caravan.” Music by Alice Cooper, Doug Kershaw, Stoneground, the Youngbloods and Delaney and Bonnie.


Television news – August 22, 1971

Garrick Utley becomes anchor of the NBC Saturday Night News and the NBC Sunday Night news this week.

Don’t miss “Heroes and Heroin” – an ABC-TV special probing the addiction among U.S. servicemen in Vietnam and those who have returned home. This week.

Beginning October 12, Dick Cavett will host a series of one-guest programs on ABC-TV. Scheduled are Woody Allen Charlton Heston, Jack Lemmon, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and others.

George Peppard is signed by Universal to star in “Banacek,” a World Premiere TV movie for NBC. It could also be a TV series.

Barbara Hale, who starred with Raymond Burr for nine years on “Perry Mason,” will be reunited with him in an upcoming “Ironside” title “Murder Impromptu.”


Monday night television listings/programs/TV guide – August 22, 1971

CBS – Gunsmoke, Lucy Show, Mayberry RFD, Doris Day, Newcomers, Merv Griffin

NBC – Allan, Comedy Theater, Movie, Tonight

ABC – Let’s Make a Deal, Newlywed Game, It Was A Very Good Year, Movie, Dick Cavett

Educational TV – Evening at Pops


Pilot – Allan – Comedy about a hardware dealer who runs into problems with his son Allan, an anti-establishment college grad. Stars Lou Jacobi, Mark Jenkings.

Comedy Theater – Stars Robert Young and David Wayne as a father-and-son team of private detectives in “Holloway’s Daughters.”


Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – August 22, 1971

CBS – Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Fathers and Sons, Merv Griffin

NBC – Bill Cosby, Make Your Own Kind of Music, Tuesday Night at the Movies, Tonight Show

ABC – Mod Squad, Movie, Marcus Welby, MD


Mod Squad – The gang helps a veteran police sergeant collect evidence on a known drug pusher.

Make Your Own Kind of Music – Anne Murray, B.J. Thomas, Al Hirt, the Carpenters, Mark Lindsay and the New Doodletown Pipers.


Some top movies – August 22, 1971

The Touch – Elliott Gould

Blue Water, White Death

Billy Jack

McCabe and Mrs. Miller


Unman, Wittering and Zigo

The Omega Man

Deep End – Jane Asher

Doc – Stacy Keach, Fay Dunaway

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