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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of June 15, 1971 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The number of children and parents on welfare is up 50% since President Nixon called for welfare reform in August of 1969. A crucial vote next week will decide the fate of the plan.

 The U.S. Command says that the 250 thousand American servicemen now in South Vietnam will take a compulsory urinalysis test for heroin usage before they return home. It will provide the first accurate stats on the extent of heroin addiction of GI’s.

Admiral Elmo Zumwalt Jr. - Chief of naval operations, abolishes the “cracker-jack” sailor uniform in favor the same dark blue double-breasted suit, white shirt, black tie and white standard-peaked military hat warned by commissioned officers. The new uniforms will take awhile to come into use - July 1, 1973. 

The Justice Department asks the New York Times to halt publication of a secret Pentagon study of the Vietnam War and threatens to seek an injunction if the paper doesn’t comply. The Times says it “must respectfully decline the request.”

The U.S Court of appeals reverses a judicial judge’s decision and temporarily blocks the Washington Post from running further stores based on the top-secret Pentagon papers about the Vietnam War.

A judge in San Rafael, CA denies bail for Angela Davis - the black militant accused of murder in a courthouse shooting last August. Super Judge Richard Arnason says he made the ruling “solely and exclusively’ on legal grounds.

Victory for President Nixon – as the Senate rejects two efforts to impose a deadline for withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Indochina. The compromise plan that would have set June 1, 1972 as the withdrawal deadline. 

The New York Times turns over a list of secret documents to the government of which it based a series of articles dealing with U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.

 President Nixon predicts that his revenue sharing and welfare reform programs would pass the 92nd Congress “in some form” because it was, “the will of the country.”

Reaffirming the freedom of the press – U.S. Dist. Court Judge Murray Gurfein refuses to grant the government an injunction prohibiting the New York Times from publishing stories based on secret Pentagon studies of the Vietnam War. So publish they will.

Terming drug abuse, “America’s public enemy No. 1,” President Nixon calls on Congress to support a broad attack on the problem. He asks an amendment of the 1972 budget to increase appropriations for drug control by $155 million.

Still being hunted – Daniel Ellsberg – former government official named as the man who gave the massive, top-secret Pentagon study of the nation’s Vietnam involvement to the New York Times.  

It’s reported that the number of kids and parents on welfare has increased 3,441,000 or 50% since President Nixon called on welfare reform in a nationally televised address in August 1969.

Newsweek Magazine reports that former President Lyndon Johnson believes the secret Pentagon papers about Vietnam present a dishonest, distorted and biased picture of his role and that the circumstances surrounding their leak to the New York Times “come close to treason.” Time magazine said Mr. Johnson believes the documents “do not tell the true story because they are mostly contingency plans.”

Antiwar activist Leslie Bacon is freed on $1,000 cash bond after spending more than a month in jail on a contempt of court charge. She was held in federal custody under $100,000 bond as a material witness in connection with the bombing of the U.S. Capitol March 1.

Jackie Robinson Jr. (24), son of Jackie Robinson, is killed when his car overturned and hit a bridge abutment on the Merritt parkway in Norwalk (CT).

A new study says President Nixon spent $35 million, more than any other presidential candidate in history, to win the White House in 1968.

Yolanda King – 15-year-old daughter of slain civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., makes her stage debut. She played the part of Doris, the hot-tempered prostitute in “The Owl and the Pussycat.” In an Atlanta Actors Workshop production. One reviewer said Miss King “appeared calm with a great deal of composure. She didn’t hesitate with the curse words and nothing seemed to bother her.”


Fascinating Facts – June 15, 1971

Grief-stricken Jack Meirig of Lake Tahoe grabs his dead wife from her hospital death bed, puts her in his car and drives off hitting speeds of 100 MPH. Hitting a police car - he turned into the parking lot of the mortuary handling funeral arrangements. 

After hearing his son got caught for shoplifting a ten-cent bag of peanuts after he spent his last dime on a pin-ball machine, Leon Ledbetter of Florida went to the store with an ax and demolished all three pin-ball machines -even leaving the ax in one of them. He says he doesn’t regret it. “By God, I brought those (expletive) machines to their knees.”  


Consumer news/Supermarket prices – June 15, 1971

New at the mart - Count Chocula and Franken Berry cereals from General Mills.

At the mart - Bologna - 1lb pkg - .69 ... six-pac - RC Cola - .83 ... Wheat Bread (house brand) .39lb ... Wishbone Italian Dressing - 16oz - .59


Entertainment/Celebrity news – June 15, 1971

Former actress Jean Peters (44), divorces billionaire Howard Hughes. They were married in 1957 and had no children.

Author Agatha Christie (80) breaks a leg at a fall in her Wallingford home in England. Her latest book is “Passenger To Frankfurt” and her 90th book.

Frank Sinatra performs his final concert at a movie fund gala in Los Angeles. Sinatra went on and told the audience, “Don’t you cry.”  

Mia Farrow signs to do her first TV movie. Movies of the week are becoming more popular. They first began on NBC several years ago with Universal’s World Premieres. ABC then made them into a regular “weekly” feature and CBS will begin airing their “movies of the week” on Fridays.


Some best-selling books – June 15, 1971

“The New Centurions” - Joseph Wambaugh, “Passions Of The Mind” - Irving Stone, “The Exorcist” - William Blatty, “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee” - Dee Brown, “The Grandees” - Stephen Birmingham, “The Female Eunuch” - Germaine Greer


Top TV shows/Nielsen ratings – June 15, 1971

ABC Movie Of The Week-”Wild Woman” (26.3), Marcus Welby, MD (25.3), Hawaii Five-O (24.9), Medical Center (22.4), Love, American Style (22.10, All In the Family (19.8), Mannix (19.3), ABC Sunday Movie (18.8), NBC Monday Movie ((18.7), The Odd Couple (18.5), Adam-12 (18.5).


Television news – June 15, 1971

Lynda Day, newest member of Mission Impossible is now billing herself as Lynda Day George. Her husband is actor Christopher George.

Larry Hovis, one of the original members of Rowan and Martin’s “Laugh-In,” will rejoin the series for the new season.

Love him or hate him – Howard Cosell (51) is big. He makes about $300,000 per year with all his appearances – key member on ABC’s “Monday Night Football,” has 15 network and six local radio segments on ABC and appears regularly on the network’s evening news. He is a lecturer in wide demand. He appears on a college campus once a week, discussing sociological and political as well as sports issues. He was born Howard William Cohen and says most of his hate mail stems from his defense of Muhammad Ali. “What the government has done to this man is both inhuman and illegal under the Fifth and 14 Amendments.” Nobody said a word about football and baseball players who dodged the draft.” I’ve been shelled, Pilloried and smothered with criticism and surfeited with praise. I’ve been called a dirty nigger-loving Jew. But I refuse to let it bother me. I consider the source.”

Bud Yorkin and Norman Lear’s Tandem Productions sign writer-producer Aeron Ruben to develop two projects for TV – Steptoe and son, and Doctor, Please. The former is a successful British series about father and son junk dealers.  


Thursday night television listings/programs/TV guide – June 15, 1971

CBS – Family Affair, Lancer, Movie, Merv Griffin

NBC – Flip Wilson, Ironside, Adam 12, Dean Martin, Tonight  Show

ABC – Tom Jones, Bewitched, Danny Thomas, Dan August, Dick Cavett

Educational – Washington Week In Review


Family Affair – An All-Pro quarterback invites Jody to have dinner with him.

Flip Wilson- Abbey Lincoln, Johnny Mathis, George Carlin, Joe Namath guest.

Tom Jones (in a show taped for Jones’ ’69-’70 season but never seen) – Guests Liberace, Eloise, laws and Gilbert o’Sullivan


Sunday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – June 15, 1971

CBS - Lassie, Hogan’s Heroes, Movie, The Ice Palace ... NBC - Wonderful World Of Disney, Red Skelton, Bonanza, The Bold Ones ... ABC - The FBI, Movie


Lassie - Lassie is stricken by a toxic poison and is befriended by a thoroughbred horse. Guest stars Ronnie Howard.

Red Skelton - guests Eva Gabor and Wally Cox.

ABC Sunday Night Movie - “Seven Days In May” - Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas


Music news – June 15, 1971

“Make Your Own Kind Of Music,” an NBC-TV summer replacement show for Don Knotts, will debut July 20. The show features pop music artists the Carpenters. On the set of the program’s taping, Richard Carpenter says they just came off five weeks of one-nighters, “and three weeks of Vegas which was worse.” The current nostalgia craze came up. Karen (who just turned 21) said – “We’re riding it. We did ‘Close to You’ just as the wave was cresting. Funny, I had a feeling that might be a biggie when Herb  Alpert suggested it. But we said: ‘A ballad, you’re kidding.’ It was a smash. Another ballad. Another smash. Ballad. Smash.”

Credence Clearwater Revival returns to the recording studio ending a 7-month absence from making records and an 8-month absence from personal appearances. They are now a trio with the departure of Tom Fogerty, who begins a two-month concert tour next month. The group says a big reason for the layoff was their desire to take a break. They’ve been non-stop since 1968’s “Suzie Q” hit the national charts. The group has been the most popular band in terms of record sales this decade. Also being challenged – Tom Fogerty, Doug Clifford and Stu Cook wanted a greater voice in Creedence’s activities, a voice that had been ruled by John Fogerty for years.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40)USA – June 15, 1971

“It’s Too Late” - Carole King, “Want Ads” - The Honey Cone, “Rainy Days and Mondays’ - The Carpenters, “Brown Sugar” - The Rolling Stones, “It Don’t Come Easy” - Ringo Starr, “Treat Her Like A Lady” - Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose, “Joy To The World” - Three Dog Night, “Indian Reservation” - The Raiders, “When You’re Hot You’re Hot” - Jerry Reed, “Mr. Big Stuff” - Jean Knight, “Nathan Jones” - The Supremes, “I’ll Meet You Halfway” - The Partridge Family.


 Top Music Albums – June 15, 1971

“Tapestry” - Carole King, “Sticky Fingers” - Rolling Stones, “4 Way Street” - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon” - James Taylor, “Survival” - Grand Funk Railroad, “Jesus Christ Superstar” - soundtrack, “Aqualung” - Jethro Tull, “Carpenters’ - Carpenters, “Up To Date” - Partridge Family.


Some top movies – June 15, 1971

Dr. Phibes – Vincent Price, Joseph Cotton

Le Mans – Steve McQueen

Ryan’s Daughter – Robert Mitchum, Sarah Miles

Shinbone Alley – Carol Channing

Andromeda Strain –

How To Frame A Figg – Don Knotts

Wild Rivers – William Holden

Bananas – Woody Allen

Support Your Local Gunfighter – James Garner

The Andromedia Strain - Arthur Hill, David Wayne

Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me? - Dustin Hoffman, Barbara Harris

Vanishing Point - Barry Newman, Dean Jagger, Cleavon Little

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