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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of May 1, 1971 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

Police arrest more than 7,000 anti-war protesters in Washington, DC. The leader, Rennie Davis had tried to shut down the nation’s capital with the show of force. He was arrested and held on $25 thousand bond for civil rights conspiracy charges.   

Amtrak officially begins service - taking over operation of most of the nation’s passenger trains. The railroad unions tried to sidetrack Amtrak, but a U.S. circuit court of Appeals rejected the effort. Amtrak is a corporation created by Congress.

James Earl Ray, convicted killer of Martin Luther King Jr., breaks out of his cell in Tennessee. Ray managed to escape from his cell, through a wall in the prison, to a tunnel leading to a steam plant outside of the prison. He would have made it, but the 400 plus degree temperature in the tunnel made it impossible. Ray retreated back to the prison yard. A prison count was made after guards noticed broken bars in back of a fan. When they did the count, they found Ray had placed a dummy in his bed.

LSD guru Timothy Leary, scheduled to speak in Copenhagen - drops out of site after last being seen in Switzerland. Leary is a fugitive in California where he was serving time for possession of drugs. Leary escaped from prison last September, fleeing to Algeria.


Radio news – May 1, 1971

Humble Harve (Miller) the popular 6 to 9 evening disc jockey on 93-KHJ, Los Angeles is sought by police after his wife is found shot to death in their Hollywood home. An APP went out for the popular evening personality after he failed to show-up for his airshift. Police arrived to find Mary Miller lying on the living room floor face-up, fully -clothed with at least one gunshot wound in the upper chest. A neighbor said the Millers have been having marital problems for sometime. They were married in 1963. Top -40 station, 93-KHJ is one of the city’s top radio stations - always placing #1 or #2 in the ratings. Miller is described as 5’10” - 180 to 190 pounds with a bushy beard.


Sports news -  May 1, 1971

In sports - the NBA and ABA seek congressional approval for a merger. The announcement was made by Walter Kennedy, NBA commissioner. Kennedy said the merger probably would take a year and until that time, both leagues will operate separately and will still compete for players. 

Bobby Hull and the Chicago Black Hawks beat the New York Rangers 4-2, sending Chicago into the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Montreal Canadians.

LA Rams quarterback Roman Gabriel signs for four more years. 


Prices at the Supermarket – May 1, 1971

At the mart - Eveready size D (9lives) batteries - 2 for .47 ... A dozen AA eggs - .35 ... Playtex Living Gloves (so flexible, you can pick up a dime) .79 a pair ... Box of Bayer (timed-release) aspirin 30 count - .69.   


Best-selling books – May 1, 1971

Bestsellers - “The New Centurions” - Joseph Wambaugh, “Underground Man” - Ross Macdonald, “The Boss” - Mike Royko, “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee” - Dee Brown. 


Television news – May 1, 1971

The Dean Martin show will include Kay Medford and the Ding-A-Ling sisters as regulars next season.

Bud Yorkin and Norman Lear’s Tandem Productions get the go ahead from NBC on two new half-hour pilots. One is based on the British TV series - Steptoe & Son. That series is in its fifth season on BBC-TV.

Pat Summerall signs a three-year exclusive contract with CBS to call NFL games and to co-host the pregame “NFL Today.” 

Rock Hudson signs a nonexclusive agreement with Universal studios to star in the fall movie series “McMillan & Wife.” The series will rotate with Columbo and McCloud. The agreement also calls for the actor to make theatrical pictures.


Thursday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – May 1, 1971

CBS - Family Affair, The Jim Nabors Show, Movie ... NBC - The Flip Wilson Show, Ironside, Adam-12, The Dean Martin Show, Tonight Show ... ABC - Alias Smith & Jones, Bewitched, Make Room For Granddaddy, Dan August.


Jim Nabors - Englebert Humperdinck guests.

Ironside - Attending law school at night, Mark Sanger’s class recreates a murder trial followed by an attempted made on the professor’s life.

Danny Thomas - Danny teaches Linda to drive.

Woody Allen guest hosts on the Tonight Show.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – May 1, 1971

“Joy To The World” - Three Dog Night, “Put Your Hand In The Hand” - Ocean, “Never Can Say Goodbye” - The Jackson 5, “Power To The People” - John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band, “Stay Awhile” - The Bells, “I Am I Said” - Neil Diamond, “What’s Going On” - Marvin Gaye, “Chick-A-Boom” - Daddy Dewdrop, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” - Aretha Franklin, “If” - Bread, “Love Her Madly” - The Doors “It Don’t Come Easy” - Ringo Starr, “Love Story” - Andy Williams, “Brown Sugar” - The Rolling Stones


Top Music Albums – May 1, 1971

“Jesus Christ Superstar’ - soundtrack, “Love Story” - soundtrack, “Up To Date” - The Partridge Family, “Pearl” - Janis Joplin, “Golden Biscuits” - Three Dog Night, “Woodstock 2” - various artists, “Survival” - Grand Funk Railroad, “4 Way Street’ - Crosby, Stills Nash & Young, “Abraxas” - Santana.


Some top movies – May 1, 1971

Little Big Man - Dustin Hoffman

Love Story - Ali Macgraw, Ryan O’Neal

Summer Of ‘42 - Jennifer O’Neil, Gary Grimes, Jerry Houser

Lawrence Of Arabia - Alex Guiness, Anthony Quinn

A New Leaf - Walter Matthau, Elaine May

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