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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of February 22, 1971 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Nixon declares an emergency in the construction industry and suspends a 40-year-old law requiring that prevailing union wages be paid on all federal construction jobs. 

South Vietnamese and North Vietnamese armored units fought atop Hill 31 in Laos in the first major tank battle of the Indochina war. Heavy Communist antiaircraft fire protecting the Ho Chi Minh Trail held U.S helicopters at bay.

The Army orders a general court-martial for Oran Henderson of Indianapolis, a much-decorated colonel charged with concealing details of the alleged My Lai massacre in Vietnam. He is charged with dereliction of duty, disobeying regulation.

A young guard at Raiford State Prison in Jacksonville testifies that notorious jewel thief Jack (murf the surf), Murphy was butt-stroked in the moth and another inmate beaten unconscious in a two-hour riot squad “show of force” to break a convict strike.

Second state of the union address – President Nixon made it clear of the increasing toughness of the American position on settlement of the war in Indochina.

 First Lt. William L. Calley Jr. takes the stand in his trial. He pinned his defense to a claim that he was only following orders at My Lai. He said he was taught in Officer candidate School that “a soldier’s job was to carry out any orders that were given o you to the best of your ability.” In combat he said, he expected to be shot if he did not carry out such orders.

Change of position – The Nixon Administration announces that it supports an extension of the President’s authority to freeze prices and wages.

Off welfare - - The Nixon Administration proposes to spend $800 million putting 200,000 able-bodied welfare recipients to work in public parks, hospitals and recreation centers and at other public sector jobs.


Auto news – February 22, 1971

Buy a new Gremlin – and your dealer will give you a new TV.


Fascinating Facts – War Alert Sent Out By Accident – February 22, 1971


Holy Smokes - One man’s mistake at the National Warning Center inside Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs – sent a war alert to UPI and AP – and they in turn -  sent it down the line to commercial radio and television stations. Many of the stations that left air did so after broadcasting the emergency warning. Some stations ignored the warning – but proceeded with caution. Others for some reason – missed the entire event.  The whole thing lasted about 40 minutes. The error was blamed on an Army civilian technician using the wrong piece of tape during a regularly scheduled weekly test of the nation’s defense warning system. The tape used did not signify a test. Many listeners were terrified. Mrs. Peter Ori of Chicago said she heard to broadcast on a Chicago radio station and was “absolutely terrified.” What made it worse for radio and TV stations – is that – about 18 minutes later – a cancellation order was sent by the warning center, but they neglected to send a code word with it. They tried again a few minutes later, but sent the wrong code word! The problem – stations didn’t want to alarm the public (if they hadn’t already) unnecessarily, but they didn’t want to cancel the alert without proper code authorization from Colorado Springs either. Finally – about 10 minutes after the second attempt – the warning center sent the cancellation order with the proper cancellation code word.  

Tricia Nixon turns 25 this week, and she would just as soon forget it. She is rarely seen in public with her friends. She tutors inner city children at a local elementary school during he week and spends most of her weekends with Edward Cox in New York, Boston or at the White House.

Tornadoes hit the south central part of the nation – killing a total of 49.

Dr. Timothy Leary, appearing at Eldridge Cleaver’s side in a video tape made by KQED in San Francisco – said he was settled his differences with the Black panthers and now agrees that “tripping” on drugs is incorrect behavior for a revolutionary. “There is a time to expand and a time to contract. This is the time to tighten up, organize,” said Leary. Leary and Cleaver – the Black Panther’s information minister, are both living in exile in Algeria as fugitives from prosecution in the United States. Cleaver last month condemned hallucinatory drugs as “madness” and said he had ordered Leary “busted” and held under virtual house arrest. 


Sports news – February 22, 1971

Bobby Hull scores a record 27th career hat trick to lead the Chicago Black Hawks to a tense 7-5 triumph over the Kings.

Joe DiMaggio – who spent the last three years with the Oakland Athletics as a coach – but now – is jobless for the first time in 11 years. DiMaggio quit playing in 1951, but returned to help the Yankees with their hitting during spring training in 1960 and has been working ever since. 


Music news – February 22, 1971

Grand Funk Railroad earns some $40,000 a concert and sold 10 million albums last year. The trio from Flint, Michigan earned $5 million in 1970 and according to manger Terry Knight, should earn twice that this year! Terry Knight (27) is the mastermind behind the group – guitarist Mark Farmer, bassist Mel Schacher and drummer Don Brewer. Not bad for a band who has been around a few years. 

Singer Bobby Darin (34) is reported in very good condition at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital (LA) after undergoing open-heart surgery last week.

Rick Nelson at Mister Kelly’s in Chicago.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – February 22, 1971

Katharine Hepburn is attacked and bitten by a hammer-swinging woman who had been hiding in a closet in the home of Ms. Hepburn’s father. Miss Hepburn who opened in the lead role of Coco at Hartford’s Bushnell auditorium, was treated for an injured finger.


Radio news – February 22, 1971

Wally Schwartz – president of ABC Radio charges the FCC has “taken on the characteristics of the great inquisition.” Addressing a broadcast convention, Schwartz told the audience – “As broadcasters, we are the most vulnerable, for we have been subject to a regulatory body all along – one that, in keeping up with the trend to tear at the structure of the entire business establishment sees itself in a new and more powerful role.” Schwartz was critical of Congress for “the flagrantly discriminating legislation banning cigarette advertising. “I need not remind you that 10% of our business has just been wiped out by government edict,” he added.  

ABC FM Stations Change Call Letters… Chicago – WLS-FM is Now WDAI-FM/NY – WABC-FM is now WPLJ/Los Angeles – KABC-FM is now KLOS.


Television news – February 22, 1971

CBS says “Ben-Hur” – broadcast an entire Sunday night – was the highest in audience of any motion picture airing on network TV (so far). Nielsen ratings for the week ending Feb. 14 – the movie scored a 37.1 rating/56 share.

Floyd Kalber – NBC news and local anchor in Chicago on WMAQ-TV.


Friday night television listings/programs/TV guide – February 22, 1971

CBS – The Interns, New Andy Griffith Show, Movie, Merv Griffin

NBC – High Chaparral, Name of the game, Strange Report, Johnny Carson

NBC – Brady Bunch, Nanny and the Professor, Partridge Family, That Girl, Odd Couple, Love American Style, Dick Cavett


Brady Bunch – Bobby gets busy after discovering he’s the only Brady without a trophy. 

New Andy Griffith Show – Mayor Andy Sawyer refuses to fix his sister-in-law’s jaywalking ticket, but she won’t admit it to her friends.

The Partridge Family – The family gives a ride to a girl hitchhiker and discovers she is a runaway wanted by police.  


Saturday night television listings/programs/TV guide – February 22, 1971

CBS – Mission: Impossible, My Three Sons, Arnie, Mary Tyler Moore, Mannix

NBC – Andy Williams, NBC Saturday night at the Movies

ABC – Lawrence Welk, Pearl Bailey, Movie


Andy Williams – Jonathan Winters, the Association, Cass Elliott.

Strange Report – Adam Strange is contacted to look into the disappearance of a heart surgeon. 

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