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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of February 1, 1971 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

 The Apollo 14 mission is threatened en route to the moon by repeated failure to dock the command ship with the lunar module, but the capture was finally made on the sixth try. Later, the docking problem was announced as solved by NASA.

President Nixon discloses that he has bowed to the economic realties and postponed his goal of restoring the nation to full employment by mid-1972.

The U.S. military command removes the embargo it imposed on news from Indochina – as it goes into its larges operation over there in three years.

Apollo 14 astronauts Alan B. Shepard and Edgar D. Mitchell land on the lunar highlands of Fra Mauro, for man’s third visit to the moon. Shepard said, “It’s a beautiful day in the land of Fra Mauro.” In a space first, Alan B. Shepard informs millions of television viewers: “What I have in my hand is the handle for the contingency sample return, and it just happens it has a genuine six-iron on the bottom of it.” He dropped the first ball, but lost in the dust. He dropped a second and belted it out of camera range. 

A major 6.5 Richter-scale earthquake hits the San Fernando Valley portion of Los Angeles. It was followed by a 5.0 quake 35 minutes later. Warned that a severe aftershock could occur at any moment, city officials order a 48-hour extension of an evacuation of a 12 square mile area. One of the most damaged buildings is a VA hospital, where a search of victims continues. 58 are listed as dead and over 1000 hurt. At least 39 persons remain missing in debris at the Veterans hospital, which is located near Sylmar. Twelve overpass bridges fell into freeway lanes. It’s the worst quake in Southern California since 1933. 

More Vietnam news - thousands of South Vietnamese infantrymen and armored troops invade Laos with massive American air support. Six American helicopters are lost. Most of the crews are rescued.     

Advertisements for all but one cigarette brand will now list tar and nicotine content. The U.S. surgeon general says the factor is crucial to links between smoking diseases. In the latest government tests of 120 brands of cigarettes, tar content ranged from 3 milligrams to 31. The most popular selling cigarettes have tar content above 15 milligrams. The only cigarette maker that refuses is American Brands, which markets Pall Mall, Tareyton and Lucky Strike.

The official White House portrait of the late President John F. Kennedy is unveiled. It shows him with his arms folded across his chest and his head bowed so that his eyes are obscured from view. The portrait is from artist Aaron Shikler. With ceremonies at the National Art Gallery, Sen. Ted Kennedy told reporters “It had a certain mood” and that he and family members had reacted favorably to the picture. J.F.K’s portrait, together with the Aaron Shikler portrait of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, will be shown to the public for the first time this week.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and her two children, Caroline and John F. Kennedy Jr. return to the White House for their first visit since shortly after the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. They were there to dine with President and Mrs. Nixon.

Watching Scotty Grow - In Havana? - A Delta DC-9 jetliner with 27 persons aboard, including singer Bobby Goldsboro, is hijacked to Cuba by a young black man who told a stewardess he had converted himself into a human bomb. The jetliner was en route from Chicago to Nashville when it was ordered to Havana. Said Goldsboro - “A first, I didn’t even know a hijack was going on. But when we kept going past Nashville, I knew something was wrong.” He said they were given lunch in Havana and generally well treated. The hijacker remained in the rear of the plane until it landed. Bobby has a hit on the charts this week - “Watching Scotty Grow.”

Tate-La Bianca murder trial - The state’s key witness - Linda Kasabian, is assailed as a drug user. Manson family member Nancy Pitman said on the stand that Kasabian took LSD repeatedly neglected her baby and hid from her husband after stealing $5,000. Ms Pitman was called by the defense in the penalty phase of the trial.  

Susan Atkins confesses to killing actress Sharon Tate and musician Gary Hinman in the penalty phase of the Tate-Bianca murder trial and saying that Charles Manson had nothing to do with the seven killings.


Fascinating Business news – February 1, 1971

In London -  Rolls-Royce Ltd collapses into receivership. The move shocks Britain and threatens the American airbus project at Lockheed Aircraft. The British government immediately nationalized those divisions of the company responsible for vital defense contracts and other international obligations. The disaster was the direct result of its 1968 contract with Lockheed to provide 600 rB-211 engines to power the L-1011 wide bodied tri-jet airliner. The board stressed rising cists far beyond initial estimates and possible penalties from lagging production schedules... Several days later - the British government agrees to provide enough financing to keep the Rolls-Royce RB-211 jet engine project alive at least through March 5.   

Attorney F. Lee Bailey (39) is suspended from practicing law in New Jersey for one year. The action was taken after hearings on misconduct charges. Bailey was also ousted in 1968 as defense attorney in a highly publicized murder case. The specific charges involved his distribution of a letter to 150 public officials, charging the Passaic Country (NJ) prosecutor’s office with having “pressured or bribed” a key witness. Bailey apologized, saying, “It was not my intention to demonstrate arrogance.” (F. Lee Bailey would later become one of the defense attorneys in the famed O.J. Simpson trial in the 90’s).


Entertainment/Celebrity news – February 1, 1971

 Movie producer Otto Preminger confirms that he was the father of a son born to Gypsy Rose Lee in 1944. “It was supposed to have been kept a secret but suddenly people began asking me about it so I guess I may as well admit it.” The son, Erik Kirkland, now works for Preminger’s film company as casting editor. Miss Lee died last April at 56. “Years ago I had an affair with her in California. On Dec 11, 1944, I heard she was in the hospital in New York. I flew there. She told me she was having a child.” At the time, Preminger was married to Josa Magda Preminger.

Good Grief Charlie Brown - what’s in a voice anyway? ... Ever wonder who does that famous voice you hear on those famous Charlie Brown specials on CBS? The voice belongs to Peter Robbins - now 14 years old. Peter was cast as the original voice of Charlie Brown seven years ago, and he’s still doing it. In fact, he and Lucy are the only original voices left. The others grew out of their parts, but Peter still sounds the same as that seven-year old who did “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in 1964.  Robbins looks kind of like Bobby Sherman. He’s doing another TV special as the voice of Charlie Brown - “Play it Again, Charlie Brown.” Peter is in high school and a B student. He likes history and geography “because all the answers are in the book.” He likes math “because you have to think about it to understand it.” He still not sure if he wants to go into acting. He is taking acting classes and is working in an amateur production.


Sports news – February 1, 1971

 Leroy (Satchel) Paige, a player of the old Negro baseball league is inducted into the baseball hall of fame. The pitcher eventually went on to play for the Kansas City A’s. 


Bestselling books – February 1, 1971

Love Story - Erich Segal

QB VII - Leon Uris

Rich Man, Poor Man - Irwin Shaw

Passenger to Frankfort - Agatha Christie

Child From The Sea - Elizabeth Goudge

God Is An Englishman - R.R. Delderfield

The Crystal Cave - Mary Stewart

Caravan to Vaccares - Alistair MacLean

The Greening of America: How the Youth Revolution is trying to Make America Livable - Charles A. Reich

Khrushchev Remembers - Translated and edited by Strobe Talbott

Inside The Third Reich - Albert Speer

A White House Diary - Lady Bird Johnson

Don’t Fall Off The Mountain - Shirley MacLaine

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex - David R. Reuben

Future Shock - Alvid Toffler

The Sensuous Woman - “J”


Top TV shows/Nielsen ratings – February 1, 1971

Marcus Welby, MD - 37.6

ABC Movie of the Week - 31.6

ABC Monday Movie - “In Harm’s Way” part 2 - 28.6

Flip Wilson show - 27.9

Hawaii Five-O - 27.6

Here’s Lucy - 27.4

Ironside - 27.3

Walt Disney - 27.0

Gunsmoke - 26.3

Mod Squad - 26.2

 Adam-12 - 25.4

Medical Center - 25.4

Ringling Bros Special (NBC) - 25.4

Dean Martin Show - 24.7

ABC Sunday Movie - “Hombre” - 24.1

The FBI - 24.0

Men From Shiloh - 24.0

Mannix - 23.6

My Three Sons - 23.6

Bonanza - 23.4


Television news – February 1, 1971

James Garner returns to television. He’ll star in a new series “Nichols” debuting in the fall.  His last series was “Maverick.”

CBS confirms says it has cut 15% of its payroll in “budgetary readjustments.” ABC recently laid off an estimated 300 people. Effective Oct. 1, the networks will be operating under a new FCC rule reducing their prime-time programming on weekdays by half-hour and by one hour on Sundays for a total of four hours a week. This is one reason for the cutbacks.


Friday Night Television listings/programs/TV guide – February 1, 1971

CBS - The Interns, Andy Griffith, CBS Friday Night Movie

NBC - Special-Wildfire, Name of the Game, Strange Report

ABC - Brady Bunch, Nanny and the Professor, The Partridge Family, That Girl, Odd Couple, Love, American Style.


Brady Bunch - Now that he is in high school, Greg demands that he be treated as a man.

Nanny and the Professor - Nanny becomes attracted to a psychology professor known as “swinging Sam” when she enrolls in a night class. Julia Mills, Richard Long star. Bert Convey plays the professor.

Partridge Family - Employees at a club where the family is performing go on strike, but Laurie feels they shouldn’t cross the picket line.

Late night TV talk -

Merv Griffin (CBS) - Sharon Farrell, Dr Loriene Chase, Gladys Towie Root, Hermione Gigold, Karen Valentine

Johnny Carson (NBC) - Guest host Bob Newhart with Jack Cassidy, Kay Stevens, Lynn Anderson.

Dick Cavett (ABC) - Richard Deacon and others.


Music news – February 1, 1971

Florence Ballard - one of the three original Supremes, files an $8.5 million suit against the group and record label, charging they “secretly, subversively and maliciously” ousted her from the trio. In the suit, it’s alleged that Berry Gordy Jr. - president of Motown Records Corp and Diana Ross, told her in 1967 that her singing was deteriorating and that she was hurting the group. She was offered $2,500 a year for six years as compensation for leaving the group, by another defendant - Motown Vice President Michael Roshkind. Ballard agreed to leave the group on Feb 22, 1968 and that Motown settled with her for nearly $140,000 - a sum called “meager and grossly inadequate” in the suit. Also the suit alleges that Motown and one of its sister companies, International Management Co - also headed by Berry Gordy Jr., kept $4 million which should have been passed to Miss Ballard in royalties. Miss Ballard is asking for the $4 million plus $4.5 million in punitive damages. The suit also asks that the present Supremes be barred from using the group’s famous name, which is a household word and worth at least $1 million.   

Near Dardanelle Arkansas - five members of the Dan Blocker Singers are killed in a three-vehicle accident. The singers, most of who are from the Odessa, Texas area - went to Hollywood to try for a professional career as a group. After three years in Hollywood, they met up with actor Dan Blocker - famous for the character of “Hoss” in Bonanza. He agreed to let the young singers use his name. Twenty-one of the group members moved to run two lodges in this part of Arkansas to live in a communal setting (not a hippie communal - but more of a religious-oriented way of living).

Rhythm guitarist Tom Fogerty announces that he is leaving Creedence Clearwater Revival – one of the world’s best selling rock bands, because he wants to quit touring and devote more time to his wife and four children. Fogerty (29) whose brother John is lead singer-writer-guitarist for the group, said he plans to record and produce an albums of his own songs. 


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – February 1, 1971

Knock Three Times - Dawn

My Sweet Lord - George Harrison

One Bad Apple - The Osmonds

Lonely Days - The Bee Gees

I Hear You Knocking - Dave Edmunds

Your Song - Elton John

Groove Me - King Floyd

One Less Bell To Answer - 5th Dimension

Rose Garden - Lynn Anderson

If I Were Your Woman - Gladys Knight & The Pips

Watching Scotty Grow - Bobby Goldsboro

Remember Me - Diana Ross

Love The One You’re With - Stephen Stills

It’s Impossible - Perry Como

We Got To Get You A Woman - Runt (Todd Rundgren)

Mama’s Pearl - Jackson 5

Stoney End - Barbara Streisand

Born to Wander - Rare Earth

Mr. Bojangles - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Sweet Mary - Wadsworth Mansion

Isn’t It A Pity - George Harrison

Amazing Grace - Judy Collins

Mother - John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band

Apeman - The Kinks

He Called Me Baby - Candi Staton


Top Music Albums – February 1, 1971

All Things Must Pass - George Harrison

Jesus Christ Superstar - Broadway soundtrack

Pendulum - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Plastic Ono Band - John Lennon

Tumbleweed Connection - Elton John

Partridge Family Original TV Cast Album

Stephen Stills - Stephen Stills

Abraxas - Santana

Sly and the Family Stone Greatest Hits

Elton John - Elton John


Other top music albums – February 1, 1971

Later That Year - Mathews Southern Comfort

Tap Root Manuscript - Neil Diamond

Tommy - The Who

Tea For the Tillerman - Cat Stevens

Mad Dogs & Englishmen - Joe Cocker

Paranoid - Black Sabbath

If You Could Read My Mind - Gordon Lightfoot

Sweet Baby James -  James Taylor

One Bad Apple - The Osmonds

Watt - 10 Years After

Question of Balance - Moody Blues

Sweetheart - Englebert Humperdinck

Vintage Deed - Grateful Dead

Fly Little Dove - The Bells

For The Good Times - Dean Martin

No Dice - Badfinger

Live Album - Grand Funk Railroad

Pearl - Janis Joplin

Snowbird - Anne Murray

Led Zeppelin III - Led Zeppelin

Chicago - Chicago

Whales & Nightingales - Judy Collins

Naturally - Three Dog Night

To Be Continued - Isaac Hayes

Worst Of .... The Jefferson Airplane

Love Story soundtrack

Rock Encounter - Sabicas with Joe Beck

Deliverin’ - Poco

USA Union - John Mayall

The First Ten Years - Joan Baez

Live In Cook County Jail - B.B. King

Kris Kristofferson (The writer sings his own compositions!) features “Sunday Mornin’ Coming Down,” “Me and Bobby Mcgee,”  “Help Me Make It Through The Night” and more. From Monument Records.


Top Country Hit Music Singles – February 1, 1971

Flesh and Blood - Johnny Cash

Joshua - Dolly Parton  


Some top movies – February 1, 1971

Walt Disney’s The Wild Country - Steve Forrest, Jack Elam, Ronny Howard, Frank De Kova, Vera Miles

There Was A Crooked Man - Kirk Douglas, Henry Fonda, Lee Grant

Love Story - Ali MacGraw, Ryan O’Neil, John Marley, Ray Milland

The Great White Hope - James Earl Jones, Jane Alexander

 Get Carter - Michael Caine, Ian Hendry, John Osborne, Britt Ekland

Dirty Dingus Magee - Frank Sinatra, George Kennedy

Brewster McCloud - Bud Cort, Sally Kellerman, Michael Murphy, William Windom

The Statue - David Niven, Virna Lisi, Robert Vaughn

Little Big Man - Dustin Hoffman

The Owl and the Pussycat - Barbra Streisand, George Segal

Doctor’s Wives - Dyan Cannon

Andy Warhol’s Trash

Five Easy Pieces - Jack Nicholson, Karen Black, Susan Anspach

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes - Robert Stephens, Colin Blakely

Husbands - Ben Gazzara, Peter Falk, John Cassavetes

Cromwell - Richard Harris, Alec Guinness

Tom Thumb - Russ Tamblyn, Alan Young, Terry Thomas, Peter Sellers

Fools - Kathryn Ross

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