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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of January 8, 1971 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Nixon says he is deeply concerned about Bethlehem Steel’s announced rate hike of 12.5%. He calls it inflationary and asks for a study.

Three Catholic priests, a former priest, a nun and a Pakistani national are indicted on charges of plotting to blow up heating systems of federal buildings in the capital and to kidnap Henry Kissinger.

Vietnam – under new rules providing protection for bombers – an Air Force F-105 fighter-bomber flew escort for B-52 bombers as they attack a North Vietnam missile site near the Mu Gia Pass.  

 Inaugural speech – Gov. Jimmy Carter of Georgia declares, “The time for racial discrimination is over” – unprecedented for a governor in this Deep South state.  

The Interior Department recommends construction of an 800-mile hot-oil pipeline across Alaska, despite some unavoidable adverse affects on the environment.

Secretary of defense Melvin laird says President Nixon is sticking to his schedule for announcing troop withdrawals in Vietnam. The current program calls for American troop levels in Vietnam to go down to 284,500 by May 1.

Manson update - Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi charges that the defense in the Tate-La Bianca murder trial tried to conceal the guilt of Charles Manson and three women defendants behind a smokescreen.

Ten prominent figures in Soviet arts and sciences – in a letter, appeal to President Nixon to save the life of Angela Davis and charged the black revolutionary “is being tried for the color of her skin and her political beliefs. Ms. Davis – an avowed Communist, is accused of furnishing the four guns used in an escape attempt and shootout last August 7 at the Marin County (CA) civic center.

Scientists report the discovery of exotic particles called “kreep’ in lunar soil samples and pictured the moon as a 4.6 billion year-old body.

Unemployment hits 6% - the highest rate in nine years. 

The Apollo 14 astronauts were limited to contact with 112 persons at Cape Kennedy as they began a 21-day medical isolation to minimize exposure to disease or illness. It’s an attempt to avoid a repeat of the Apollo 13 situation in which all three crewmen were exposed to German measles and one had to be replaced hours before the launch last April.

President Nixon celebrates his 58th birthday and was seen strolling along the beach near his San Clemente (CA) home.

TWA stewardess Linda Barnard said a man threatened to hijack a TWA Boeing 707 to Lake Tahoe, but the man’s gun lay on the seat between them and she talked him out of it.

According to a list by the Eleanor Lambert fashion publicity office – here are the top best-dressed women for last year:

Aga Khan - - wife of the Moroccan ambassador

Diahann Carroll

Catherine Deneuve

Sophia Loren

Mrs. Denise Minnelli – socialite.

Mrs. Georges Pompidou

Mrs. Richard Pistell

Mrs. Ronald Reagan

Mrs. Samual Reed - socialite

Mrs. Charles Reyson – wife of the cosmetics magnate


Top men include –

Yul Brynner

Armondao Orsino

Giorgio Pavone

R. Sargent Shriver


Passing – Gabrielle Coco Chanel – famed creator of French fashions. She was 87.

Passing – Richard Killmar – who played “Boston Blackie” on radio. He was 60.  


Religion – A proposal to day away with private confession by Roman Catholics except in cases of "grave” sin has been sent by Pope Paul VI to the church’s bishops for study. 


Sports news – January 8, 1971

George Blanda – QB of the Oakland raiders is named Male Athlete of the Year by AP.

QB Joe Namath of the NY Jets says he feels the NFL was guilty of antitrust violation. He testified for two hours as the day’s leadoff witness before a federal grand jury investigating operations of the NFL. “If you don’t like your contract or the team that drafts you – what can you do,” said Namath.

Led by Jim Plunkett, Stanford’s Heisman Trophy winner, the North defeats the South 42-32 in the Hula Bowl. 


Technology/TV news – January 8, 1971

When video cassettes and/or cartridges come on to the market – some say by next year – Evergreen Magazine says it will be ready. They are preparing a prototype video magazine – to be produced once a month for tape distribution. It’s 90-minutes in length.


Television news – January 8, 1971


Debuting this week – “All in the Family” – a new kind of show. Don’t miss it!

Interesting – In Los Angeles – catch Betty White in “The Pet Set” as she welcomes a star and their pet each Sunday.


Saturday night television listings/programs/TV guide – January 8, 1971 

CBS – Mission: Impossible, My Three Sons, Arnie, Mary Tyler Moore, Mannix

NBC – Andy Williams, Adam-12, Movie

ABC – Let’s Make a Deal, Newlywed Game, Lawrence Welk, Most Deadly Game


Andy Williams – Bobbie Gentry, Don Rickles, Tommy Roe and the New Seekers.

My Three Sons – Looks like Dodie has a crush on her second grade teacher.


Friday night television listings/programs/TV guide – January 8, 1971

CBS – Special-the Lions Are Free, The New Andy Griffith Show, Movie, Merv Griffin

NBC – Say Goodbye, Name of the Game, (debut)- Strange Report, Johnny Carson

ABC – Brady Bunch, Nanny and the Professor, Partridge Family, That Girl, Love, American Style, Tom Jones, Dick Cavett


The Lions are Free – a return to Born Free country as we find out whatever became of Elsa and her cubs? Were they eaten? Andy Griffith does the introduction (because tonight seems to be Andy Griffith night on CBS-TV.

 Brady Bunch – Gregg is caught smoking!

(Debut) The New Andy Griffith Show – Andy becomes mayor of a small town! Lee Meriwether co-stars.

Merv Griffin- Burt Reynolds, Tony Conigliare, Chuck Connors, Walter Kennedy, Rosey Grier, Jerry Quarry, Don Cherry.


Top music albums – January 8, 1971

All Things Must Pass – George Harrison

Pendulum –Creedence Clearwater Revival

Greatest Hits – Sly & The Family Stone

John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band

Close To You – Carpenters

Grand Funk Live – Grand Funk Railroad

Jesus Chris Superstar

Original TV Cast – The Partridge Family

Stephen Stills

Abraxas – Santana

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