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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of October 8, 1970 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The Nixon Administration orders the armed services to give urgent attention to a plan for reducing the draft to zero by July 1, 1973.

President Nixon orders the FBI to find the bombers – the persons responsible for pre-dawn bombings in San Rafael, Santa Barbara and Seattle. 

President Nixon offers a “cease-fire-in-place” throughout South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos as a key in a five-part package that he described as a major initiative for peace.

The White House confirms that President Nixon does indeed have a martini before dinner and added that he doesn’t care who knows it.

 Mayor Frank Curran of San Diego and six other elected officials are arrested on (tax) bribery and conspiracy indictments issued by the San Diego County Grand Jury.

The nation’s fifth bombing in the last week claimed by a radical underground group heavily damages a Queens (NY) courthouse. Minutes before the explosion, a telephone caller saying, “This is Weatherman,” and warned that a bomb had been planted.

The FBI arrests Angela Davis in New York. She had been on the FBI’s most wanted list since August 18. The black militant, who lost her job as UCLA philosophy instructor was taken into custody without a struggle.

Christine Jorgensen (once a man) asks Vice President Agnew to apologize for a “completely tasteless” remark regarding Sen. Charles Goodell. Agnew’s calling Goodell “the Christine Jorgensen of the Republican Party” was “rather degrading to what I’ve represented to 20 years, which is a medical problem.”

The manufacturers of a toy dart board bearing the likeness of Vice President Agnew say they had been warned by a lawyer for Agnew to “cease and desist’ production of the toy. The dart board, on the market since August, is printed with the caricature of Agnew’s face with the word, “Et Tu Spiro” below. The cost is $3.

Ret. Air Force Lt. Gen Benjamin O. Davis Jr. – head of the new skymarshal training program ways that airline guards would be authorized to fire pistols on planes when they deem it necessary to save lives and property during hijack attempts.


Fascinating Facts – October 8, 1970

In Cleveland – sixteen year-old Cynthia Perkins is in the hospital after being hypnotized in a class at Berea High School. A hypnotist told 10 volunteers they were freezing and all began shaking, the girl then told the 10 they were getting warmer and soon would wake up – but Cynthia did not come out of the hypnosis and continued shaking.

New book – “What To Do With Your Bad Car" – An Action Manual” by Ralph Nader. Look for it next month.


Sports news – October 8, 1970

This season – there are two new teams to the NHL – the Buffalo Sabres and Vancouver Canucks.

Goodbye Tigers - Troubled Denny McLain is reinstated and traded by Detroit to the Washington Senators. 


Music news – October 8, 1970

Melody Maker annual reader’s poll – Beatles are now #2 as Led Zeppelin is on top. Bob Dylan got top male singer. Joni Mitchell was voted best female singer.

Record prices going up – especially for albums. Though most albums sell for $4.98 some new albums by Bob Dylan and Blood, Sweat & Tears are going for $5.98. 

Elvis Presley is now a special Shelby County deputy Sheriff, a job that allows him to carry a pistol. Sheriff Roy C. Nixon confirms that commission ceremony was held privately in his office. He said Presley had been an “honorary” deputy for several years. 


Television news – October 8, 1970

This week – “Bewitched” day is celebrated in Salem, Mass – as the first of six “Bewitched” episodes – shot in Salem last June airs on ABC-TV this week!

Real-life brother and sister Jack Albertson and Mabel Albertson are cast as husband and wife in an episode of “Arnie” on CBS-TV.

Van Williams appears as a policeman in an episode of “Nanny and the Professor.”

Christina Crawford, daughter of Joan Crawford, is set to appear in an episode of “Marcus Welby, MD” titled, “Elegy to a Mad Dog.”

Passing – Actress Kathy Walsh (23) died in London. She was found unconscious in an apartment in the fashionable Kensington district and pronounced dead.


Monday night television listings/programs/TV guide – October 8, 1970

CBS – Gunsmoke, Here’s Lucy, Mayberry RFD, Doris Day, Carol Burnett, Merv Griffin

NBC – Red Skelton, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, NBC Monday night at the Movies, Tonight

ABC  Young Lawyers, Silent Force (each of these shows is 45 minutes long) Monday Night Football, Dick Cavett

NET – Realities


Rowan and Martin – Tim Conway.

Young Lawyers – A teen girl runs away and calls on the NLO for help against her drunk mom and cruel step dad. Stars Kim Hunter, Mary Layne, Fred Beir.

Silent Force – Our undercover team stops the air transport of stolen military weapons to another country. Stars Ed Nelson, Lynda Day and Percy Rodriques.

Merv Griffin – Mr. Ronald Reagan, Mike Connors, Lana Wood, Buck Owens, Georgie Kaye.

Johnny Carson – Sammy Davis Jr., Aretha Franklin, Gene Chandler.


Some top movies – October 8, 1970

Montel Walsh

War and Peace

Darling Lili

Performance – Mick Jagger

Hello Dolly!



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