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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of September 22, 1970 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Syrian troops have crossed into Jordan in an attempt to break the encirclement of guerrilla-held Irbid. 

King Hussein of Jordan orders a cease-fire in Amman in the bloodiest battle with Palestine for sometime. Yasser Arafat. Head of the overall guerilla command reports that his men are still under fire 9 hours after the cease-fire and that “revolutionary forces” had suffered 8,000 dead and “tens of thousands” wounded in the six days of fighting between guerrillas and the troops of Jordan’s military government.

President Nixon gives the FBI sweeping new powers to investigate terrorism on college campuses. The investigations would take place under any college or university receiving federal funds and includes broader powers for wiretapping in bombing cases.

The evacuation of Americans from Jordan begins as they will be flown from Amman to Beirut.

A new star – A new face in the South – peanut farmer Jimmy Carter sweeps to a landslide victor over former Gov. Carl E. Sanders and captures the Democratic nomination for governor of Georgia.  

Robert Labadie – an alleged U.S. aircraft hijacker is returned from Cuba to the Untied States – the first the Havana regime had directly sent such a person back to this country.

The Surgeon General says that Marijuana is harmful because it promotes an escape from reality.  In a speech to a press club, Dr. Jesse Steinfeld also said to get it “they must deal with the underworld so they also get a disregard for the law and exposure to people who try to get them to use still other types of drugs.”

American scientists begin hunting for Loch Ness monster using a love potion - ground-up reproductive organs of eels, sea cows and other underwater creatures as bait. Said one Scotsman, “I don’t know what these scientist chappies think our wee Nessie is, but no self-respecting monster would be attracted by minced eel - no matter what part of the eel it comes from.”

Major banks cut back their prime-lending rate to 7 ½%.

President Nixon flies to the Mediterranean on a European tour.

In a Gallup Poll – a majority of the U.S. public favors the Hatfield-McGovern plan which would end U.S. troop involvement in Vietnam by the end of 1971.

Passing – President Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt – the unifying leader of a divided Arab world and the greatest figure in the modern history – dies of a heart attack. He was 52. Strife in the area is feared.

Shock in Egypt – Shops are closed in Cairo and traffic is non-existent as citizens mourn the death of Nasser. 

The death of Nasser means the American initiative to bring peace in the middle East will probably have to be shelved – according to officials traveling with President Nixon.

In West Palm Beach, attorney Sylvan Burdick, charged the school dress codes, particularly the so-called “bra test,” are an invasion of privacy. A girl who is suspected of not wearing a bra is taken before the school’s dean of girls and told to jump up and down. If the dean decides there is too much bounce, the girl is sent home and told to wear a bra to school next time. A spokesman for the school district says girls have been sent home for not wearing bras, but no “ bra-test” was used.

Intrepid wins the America’s Cup for the United States, nosing out Australia’s Gretel II by 10 boat lengths. 

In a television taping of the David Frost show guesting several college students and Vice President Agnew, things get a little out of hand near the end of the 90 minute taping. A student guest quipped, “You have done more to build a milieu of violence than anyone I know.”  Agnew replied: “Columbia University was turned topsy-turvy long before President Nixon was nominated.” Agnew later said that to make him a scapegoat was “one of the most ridiculous charges I have ever heard.” 

Tired of ambulance and fire truck chasers in Franklinton, North Carolina, police set up a mock fire and rescue scene. About 300 motorists flocked to what looked like a major alarm. About 40 citations were written for violations ranging from blocking fire trucks to following too closely behind and emergency vehicles.

Spahn Range, the famed old western movie set where Charles Manson and the family planned the Tate-LaBianca murders, burns to the ground in a brush fire. Manson and his “family” lived there from about a year before the murders. Some members of the family still lived on the ranch before the fire. George Spahn (81) says he may rebuild part of the ranch - but money’s been tight. Business fell-off drastically after the slayings. That same fire destroyed some 150 homes in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles.


Sports news – September 22, 1970

Oakland’s Vita Blue pitches a no-hitter; downing the twins 6-0...Cassius Clay applies for a license to box in New York State. Clay’s license was suspended and his title taken away in 1967 when he refused to be inducted into the army... Reds catcher Johnny Bench is set to make his acting on “Mission Impossible.” Bench will play the role of a military officer in a segment called “Catafalque.”

Philadelphia pitcher Dick Selma is fined $500 preventing a threatened walkout by the umpires whom he blasted the night before following a loss to the New York Mets. But the Umps believe the punishment is not enough.

The Pittsburgh Pirates get the National League’s Eastern Division title – with a sweep of the New York Mets.

Cassius Clay applies for a license to box in the state of New York and the athletic commission indicates that formal approval will come in a few days. The license from NY will be the second granted to Clay within the last weeks. He also was granted permission for a 15-round “title” bout in Atlanta on Oct 26 against Jerry Quarry. (Look for the greatest comeback in boxing history).


Fashion news – September 22, 1970

On sale for the ladies - Polyester Crepe Pantsuits - $22.98 - sizes 8-16.


Supermarket prices – September 22, 1970

At the mart - Bell Peppers - .10 each.... Corn Dogs - 1lb pkg - .79... Bananas - .10lb... Mushrooms - .39 half pound

A 120-year-old Maine Lobster escapes the boiling pot and is now bound for San Francisco’s Steinhart Aquarium. The critter is 25 pounds.


Radio news – September 22, 1970

WMCA, New York. Once a top-40 giant, goes full-time talk – with “Dialogue Radio 57.”

Metromedia’s KLAC (AM57) Los Angeles – goes country. The station was doing poorly as a sort-of chicken rock station. The DJ lineup is Jay Lawrence, Bob Kingsley, Charlie O’Donnell, Deano Day, Tony Taylor and Harry Newman.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – September 22, 1970

 Passing – Erich M. Remarque – author of “All Quiet On The Western Front.” He was 72.


Television news – September 22, 1970

WNDT-TV (channel 13) in New York  - changes call letters to WNET as the Education Broadcasting Corporation and National Education Television are consolidated into a major producing unit. Look for a new name for the public TV network.

The FCC has authorized the Bay Area Educational Television Assn (BAETA) to accept as a gift from Metromedia Inc, the license of KNEW-TV (channel 32) in San Francisco. The value of the station has been estimated between $1.5 million and $2.25 million. BAETA also runs KQED TV and FM. 

“The Partridge Family” debuts on ABC-TV. It deals with a singing family, much like the Cowsills and stars Shirley Jones and her stepson – David Cassidy. The show will provide a new song each week and Bell Records hopes they’ll sell. Also starring – a favorite – Dave Madden as their agent.

Bill Beutel Joins Roger Grimsby On WABC-TV Eyewitness News In NY.


Top TV Shows/Nielsen ratings – September 22, 1970 

Here’s Lucy (32.4), Mayberry RFD (25.9), Doris Day (25.3), Carol Burnett (24.4), Flip Wilson (24.3), Mary Tyler Moore (23.7), Mannix (23.6), Medical Center (23.5), Hawaii Five-O (23.2), Sunday Movie - Tony Rome - (23.2), Gunsmoke (22.9).


Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – September 22, 1970

CBS – Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Hee Haw, To Rome With Love, Special

NBC – Don Knotts Variety Show, Julia, Tuesday Night at the Movies, Tonight

ABC – Mod Squad, Movie of the Week, Marcus Welby, M.D., Dick Cavett

NET – NET Festival, The Eagle has Landed: Flight of Apollo 11


Don Knotts –Dan Blocker, Leslie Uggams and Tommy Roe guest.

Hee Haw – Charley Pride and Jeannie C. Riley guest.

ABC Made for TV movie – “How Awful About Allan” – Anthony Perkins, Julie Harris

On the Tonight Show – Guest host is Jerry Lewis. London Lee, Frankie Avalon.

Dick Cavett – Maximilian Schell, Thomas Brown, Thomas Murton.


Wednesday night  television listings/programs/TV guide – September 22, 1970

CBS -  Storefront Lawyers, Governor and JJ, Medical Center, Hawaii Five-O, Merv Griffin

NBC - Men From Shiloh, Kraft Music Hall, McCloud, Tonight

ABC -  Courtship Of Eddie’s Father, Room 222, Debut-Make Room For Grandaddy, Johnny Cash Show, Debut-Dan August., Dick Cavett


Kraft Music Hall – Johnny Carson hosts a Friars Club Roast of Don Rickles. With Alan King, Milton Berle, Dick Cavett, Chet Huntley, Henny Youngman.

Johnny Cash – Dennis Hopper, Neil Diamond and Jacke DeShannon.

Dick Cavett – Alistar Cooke guests.


Music news – September 22, 1970

Frank Sinatra speaks up – and denies charges that he threatened Sanford waterman, manager of Caesars Palace and seized Waterman by the throat after the casino manager refused to raise the limit at the baccarat table from $8,000 to $16,000.

Rock musician Jimi Hendrix died September 18 without leaving a will disposing of his estimated $500 thousand estate according to a petition filed in court. The father, who lives in Seattle, will be the sole beneficiary under the law. Hendrix is also survived by a brother (22)

The Osmond Brothers perform on American Bandstand this Saturday.

Patricia Parker – a waitress, claims Elvis Presley is the father of her unborn child. She’s getting harassed by lots of funs.

Greenwich Village – Appearing at the Gaslight on MacDougal Street – Livingston Taylor (James’ brother) and Doug Kershaw.

Looks like Cat Stevens is back. He had several hits in 1967, 1968 – mainly on the British charts. But A&M Records in Hollywood believes in Stevens – and has released an album titled “Mona Bone Jakon.” A single from that album – “Lady D’Arbanville” is in the British top-10. A&M believes Cat Stevens is ready to break-out in the U.S. Says Cat – “The last time I was a pop star, I took the whole thing very seriously. All the image photo sessions, and inane interviews with all the little teeny-bop magazines. Now I just accept all of that bit as being toward an end, the end being me and my music which I do take very seriously.” Cat Stevens says he suddenly disappeared because he had a lot of hassles with his producer. “Now I have what I want and my new producer, Paul Samwell-Smith knows just how to produce my records – he’s really great.” Cuts from the album are being heard on FM stations here.  


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) USA – September 22, 1970

“I’ll Be There” - Jackson Five, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” - Diana Ross, “Groovy Situation” - Gene Chandler, “Candida” - Dawn, “Julie, Do Ya Love Me” - Bobby Sherman, “Patches” - Clarence Carter, “Look What They’ve Done To My Song Ma” - New Seekers, “Lookin’ Out My Back Door” - Credence Clearwater Revival, “Cracklin’ Rose” - Neil Diamond “War” - Edwin Star.


Top Music Albums – September 22, 1970

“After The Gold Rush” - Neil Young, “A Question Of Balance” - Moody Blues, “Cosmo’s Factory” - Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Closer To Home” - Grand Funk Railroad, “Mad Dogs And Englishmen” - Joe Cocker.


Some top movies – September 22, 1970

Sunflower - Sophia Loren, Marcell Mastroianni

Tora, Tora Tora

Pieces Of Dreams - Robert Forster, Lauren Hutton

Five Easy Pieces - Jack Nicholson, Karen Black

On A Clear Day

Out of Towners

Hornet’s Nest


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