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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of June 12, 1970 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

Charles Manson and four of his girls go on trial this week for the Tate-La Bianca murders.

President Nixon apparently would welcome a volunteered resignation from Secretary of Interior Walter Hickel and is delaying a decision on whether to fire him.  Many in the White House believe the interior secretary’s effectiveness as a member of the Administration team has been greatly impaired.

Vice President Agnew, charging “transparent bias,” calls for the resignation of Joseph Rhodes Jr., a 22-year-old black Harvard student from the newly named special presidential commission to investigate campus unrest.

Investigators say a combination of mistakes and oversights by NASA, North American Rockwell and Beech Aircraft Corp. led to the near-disaster of Apollo 13 last April. 

The Supreme Court rules that men opposed to war because of deeply held moral or ethical beliefs are as entitled to conscientious objector draft exemptions as those opposed to war on religious grounds.

NJ - Kenneth Gibson, a black civil engineer, defeats Mayor Hugh Addonizio to become Newark’s first black mayor.

President Nixon urges business and labor to restrain their efforts to raise prices and wages and says voluntary, rather than forced anti-inflation controls, are the best way.

Vietnam –

Hanoi escalates its campaign of terrorism and assassination in South Vietnam in retaliation to the American attack on its sanctuaries in Cambodia.

Bowing to guerrilla demands, King Hussein outs two military leaders and assumes personal command of the Jordanian army in a move to quell bitter fighting between Jordanian troops and Palestinian guerrillas. Some 200 Americans are evacuated from the strife-torn area.

Charles Mansion has his say in public and he tells newsmen he does not think of the Tate-La Bianca trial because “you’ve already tried the case.” He also does not recognize any attorney or court and feels a little nervous but has no guilt. When asked if he ever killed anyone he replied – “I killed a chicken once.”

Communist China again will put off diplomatic talks with the U.S. at Warsaw this week to underscore its opposition to American actions in Cambodia.

In A Gallup Poll – Campus unrest is the nation’s #1 problem followed by the Vietnam War, other international problems, racial strife, high cost of living, polarization of the American people, teenage problems/juvenile delinquency, Crime and lawlessness and finally – drug addiction.

Ralph Nader and two consumer groups have asked the FTC to ban the sale of laundry products with enzymes “because of the serious health danger they present to the general public.” Nader’s petition said there was a substance in the dust from enzyme detergents ‘similar to pollens such as ragweed which when inhaled, sensitizes the lungs of some people.” “Later inhalations may result in allergic reactions in the lung which is similar to Asthma caused by other, better known allergens.”

Vice President Agnew says The Nixon Administration does not need advice on ending the Indochina war ‘from those who could neither end the war nor win it,” He made the remarks in a fund raising dinner in Ohio.

Marine Pvt. Michael Schwarz of West Virginia is found guilty of the premeditated murder of nine Vietnamese children and three women in a moonlight massacre last February in the village of Son Thang.

In Britain – the Conservative Party wins an upset factory over the incumbent Labor government in Britain’s parliamentary election.

The Penn Central, the nation’s largest railroad, files a bankruptcy petition for reorganization, citing "a severe cash squeeze" because of heavy losses in passenger and freight operations.

Marry – Dr. Jonas Salk, the physician who developed the vaccine against polio and Francoise Gilot, the mistress of Pablo Picasso for 11 years and mother of two of the artist’s children will wed in a few weeks. 

In California – the UC Board of Regents votes not to renew Angela Davis’ contract as an acting assistant professor of philosophy for the 1970-71 academic year. Ms. Davis heard the news on the steps of the State Building in Sacramento where she was speaking in behalf of three black prisoners accused of murdering a guard in Soledad prison. The regents based their action on public speeches by the militant black teacher. Later, it’s learned Ms. Davis is suing to keep her job – charging the action violated her freedom of speech.   

Sir Laurence Olivier is the first actor in English history to reach the House of Lords. He was made a baron in Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday honors list.


Fashion news – June 12, 1970

Clothes trends -  Blue jeans and sweatshirts are now inspiring one of the hottest sports fashions going. It’s a favorite of men, women and kids. And jeans come in more colors than you can imagine – in prints and solids. They come tapered, straight-legged and bell-bottomed.

Also – seen more on men – Dog collars and choker necklaces. Mick Jagger started the choker trend.

My my – Barbie will get a midi dress/skirt – yes – the fashion that’s all the rage. It’ll be available by Christmas. Midi is a little above, to a little below the knee.


Sports news – June 12, 1970

Passing – Running back Brian Piccolo of the Chicago Bears, saluted recently by teammate Gale Sayers as “a friend who spells out the world courage 24 hours a day, everyday of his life,” dies of cancer at the age of 26. Piccolo and Sayers began rooming when the Bears decided on a policy of integrated rooming three years ago. Sayers credited Piccolo with being one of the people who had urged him on as he made his comeback and asked the audience “to compare his courage with which I am supposed to posses.”

At Madison Square Garden –  Only 6 rounds - Jerry Quarry wins by TKO in a bout with Mac Foster.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – June 12, 1970


Playing in Las Vegas –

Carol Burnett, Jim Nabors – Caesars Palace

Paul Anka, Pat Cooper – Flamingo

Bob Newhart, Abbe Lane – Frontier

Pat Boone – Fremont

Aretha Franklin – International

Engelbert Humerdinck – Riviera

Buddy Hackett – Sahara

Don Adams – Sands


Radio news – June 12, 1970

KRLA radio in Pasadena (Los Angeles) dismisses the Credibility Gap. The satirical news/comedy feature has been running since May 31, 1968. It looks like Richard Beebe, David Lander and Harry Shearer have been kept on as regular newscasters.

Soul WWRL New York is in the midst of a “Bust a Pusher” campaign that urges listeners to cooperate with law enforcement in an attempt to cut off drugs from teenagers. Each hour on the hour, WWRL (1600 on the AM dial), tolls a bell and announces the “death of another victim of drug abuse.”


Music news – June 12, 1970

So very happy - Blood, Sweat & Tears make their first appearance in Yugoslavia bringing more than 5,000 Yugoslav music fans at a downtown stadium to their feet in roaring approval.

Passing – Edward Bennet Cole (59) – brother of the late Nat (King) Cole.


Television news – June 12, 1970

West Indian character actor Frank Silvera – a regular on “High Chaparral” is accidentally electrocuted in his home He was repairing a garbage disposal unit in his kitchen.

George Plimpton is filming his second ABC special – “George Plimpton at the Movies.’ In it, George is a movie actor in the John Wayne western “Rio Lobo.” 

The FCC rules that Alabama’s educational television system was free to drop the black-oriented programming of the National educational television network as a matter of “taste or judgment.”

The FCC issues an order barring the three major television networks from owning cable television systems. It also forbade television broadcasters from owning cable TV systems in their local broadcasting areas.

 Actor Robert Reed will do another season of Mannix and the producer of that show wants him on as many episodes as possible. Good thing Paramount produces both “Mannix” and “The Brady Bunch” – it’s not far of a walk. Also, Reed is glad the cat is off the Brady Bunch – now he’s waiting for the dog to go. Reed is the only actor in TV history (so far) to star in one TV series – and co-star in another – on two separate networks. Far out!

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