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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of May 22, 1970 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Golda Meir blames the Lebanese government night for a Lebanese based Arab guerrilla attack on an Israeli school bus in which 11 were killed.

An urgent appeal from Gen Creighton Abrams Jr. after President Nixon announced withdrawal of 150,000 troops from Vietnam sparked the strike into Cambodia, according to a highly placed source.  Also, the press reports that Cambodian public opinion begins to swing against the presence of South Vietnamese troops. 

Atty. Gen. John N. Mitchell warns the nation’s law enforcement officers to “keep their cool’ in the civil disorders sweeping much of the nation. Back from a two-day inspection of Jackson, Miss. Where two Negro youths were shot dead by highway patrolman, Mitchell issued a strong statement and said he was stepping up Justice department investigations into the shootings at Jackson, Kent and Augusta, Georgia. 

Mary Ann Vecchio, the 15-year-old runaway whose flight led her to the side of a dying Kent State University student and national publicity two weeks ago, is home with her parents in Miami.

Tricia Nixon says her televised tour of the White House earlier this week had brought her several offers of TV jobs but she doubts she’ll accept any. She said she appreciated the favorable reviews of the “60 Minutes” broadcast on Tuesday night.

Alcatraz Island will become a national park, despite objections of American Indians who have occupied the rock since last November. 

Faced with a cutoff of water and electricity by the federal government, Indian squatters on Alcatraz Island call for a giant powwow to figure out how to hold onto the former prison in San Francisco Bay. About 1,000 Indians from various tribes were invited. 

Passing – Mrs. Harriet Hadden Atwood – who played the piano for Thomas Edison for the world’s first phonograph records. She was 105.


Fascinating Business news – May 22, 1970

The state Court of Appeals rules that Col. Harland Sanders, living symbol of Kentucky Fried Chicken, is entitled to repayment of $7,200 he presented to a man whose sister was killed 30 years earlier in a traffic accident involving Sanders. Sanders was absolved of blame in the accident, but he paid the funeral expenses for the 12-year-old girl and promised to help the family if he ever were in a position to do so.


Fashion news – Mini-skirts – May 22, 1970

Interview in Ladies Home Journal - President Nixon is glad his daughters, Tricia and Julie have good enough figures to wear miniskirts, but he thinks most women don’t and should cover up a bit more. “But my advice to the girls is: They shouldn’t feel sad at hems coming down. To a man, there’s a mystery in what’s hidden.” Tricia Nixon is the cover girl for the brides’ month issue of the Journal this month. Also, Nixon said he is pleased that his daughter Tricia “bristles and stands up’ for him when he is attacked.”


Sports news – May 22, 1970

Goalie Tony Esposito of the Chicago Black Hawks and center Phil Esposito of the Boston Bruins carried their brother act to a fitting climax when both were named to the NJL All-Star team 1969-1970. 


Entertainment/Celebrity news – May 22, 1970

Jean Shrimpton On Vogue This Month In 1970.


Music news – May 22, 1970

The film “Let It Be” by the Beatles debuts in London to bad reviews. One reviewer in the Evening Standard said, “I’m told the film was made to complete the three-picture deal with United Artists made some years ago. If so, this explains why it looks like a chore. Let it pass.”


Television news – May 22, 1970

Don’t’ miss Tricia Nixon’s tour of the White House on “60 Minutes” on Tuesday of this week. Says Producer Don Hewitt – “She’s poised, witty, pretty. And she thinks on her feet.” By the way, Tricia lives in an apartment in the Watergate complex. Oh Boy! 

“Bewitched” is set to film in Salem, MA for four to six episodes beginning June 22.


Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – May 22, 1970

CBS – Lancer, Red Skelton, Governor and JJ, 60 Minutes, Merv Griffin

NBC – I Dream of Jeannie, Debbie Reynolds, Julia,  NBC Tuesday Night At The Movies, Tonight

ABC – Mod Squad, Movie, Marcus Welby, M.D., Dick Cavett


Lancer – Johnny Madrid is blinded by a sniper and is aided by a mute girl.

60 Minutes – Tricia Nixon gives Mike Wallace and Harry Reasoner a tour of the White House.  

Merv Griffin – Dean Jones, Maxine Greene, Don Cooper.

Johnny Carson – Little Richard, Michael Caine.

Dick Cavett – Hugh Hefner, Holly Tannen, Diane Crothers, Mary Calderone.


Some top movies – May 22, 1970


Walt Disney’s “King of the Grizzlies”

Paint Your Wagon



The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart

Anne of the Thousand Days

The Losers

Beneath the Planet of the Apes

Vampire Beast

Anne of the Thousand Days

How to Succeed With the Opposite Sex

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