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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of April 15, 1970 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Emergency – After passing its midway point to the moon - The Apollo 13 moon launching is canceled and ground controllers are now working to bring the gravely periled astronauts back to earth using lunar module system. Two of the men crawled into their moon landing craft and prepared to seal away their power-crippled command ship which was leaking from a ruptured oxygen tank. Officials say the three astronauts will depend of the small moon landing craft – remaining attached to the command ship – as a lifeboat for their return to earth. It will provide oxygen and electrical for the return.

President Nixon announces he would pull and additional 150,000 uniformed men out of Vietnam during the coming year.

Robert Beausoleil, an occasional member of Charles Manson’s hippie family is sentenced to death for the torture slaying of musician Gary Hinman.

House Minority Leader Gerald R. Ford formally opens a drive to impeach Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas. In a speech, Ford declared that Douglas “is unfit and should be removed.” Ford sought to link Douglas with international gamblers, pornographers and youthful violence. “Mr. Justice Douglas does not find himself in this company suddenly or accidentally or unknowingly. He has been working at it for years, profiting from it for years and flaunting it in the faces of decent Americans for years.”

Still holding up – The crippled Apollo 13 spacecraft nears earth with the astronauts preparing for their last great effort – reentry and landing. Space officials and mission controllers in Houston express cautious confidence as the hours wore on that the tired crewmen in the spaceship will bring off the dramatic race for safety and splashdown about 500 miles off Samoa.

Coming back to earth - the Apollo 13 astronauts view their stricken service module and they were shocked at what they saw. It was evident at the separation of the service module when they observed one side missing and debris on an antenna. 

The Apollo 13 astronauts are pronounced in good health after their splashdown in the South pacific ending a griping emergency return from space. President Nixon celebrated their safe return by lighting up a green cigar and terming the recovery “”the most exciting, the most meaningful day that I have ever experienced.” He’ll make a 5,000 journey to Hawaii to present to the three astronauts the Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian award.

In Hawaii - President Nixon places the Medal of Freedom on each of the Apollo 13 astronauts. “Greatness comes not simply in triumph, but in adversity.” “It has been said that adversity introduces a man to himself,” said the President. Speaking for Fred Halse and John Swigert, Apollo 13 astronaut James A. Lovell told the crowd – “We are glad to be home and we are glad to be part of America.”   

Houston - The Apollo 13 astronauts come home to an emotional welcome of the space community – which was with them every struggling moment.


Fascinating Facts – April 15, 1970

Yippie leader Jerry Rubin calls for a “communist revolution” in the United States to replace the capitalist system, “and we would start taxing the Catholic Church.”

Seen more and more, particularly in the West – free clinics. It’s the place where they young population can go to get their pressing health problems addressed and that’s usually venereal disease, drug reactions and pregnancy.  


Fascinating Business news – April 15, 1970

Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. says it has perfected a process to make any tire any color – even transparent. But there’s one problem – it only lasts 2,500 miles.


Sports news – April 15, 1970

Phil Esposito scores a three-goal hat trick against Tony Esposito, his younger brother to lead Boston to a 6-3 victory over Chicago in the opening game of their best-of-seven Stanley Cup Eastern Division final playoff series.

Pitcher Tom Seaver drives in three runs with a single and a two-run double to score his first victory of the Season as the Mets defeat the St. Louis 6-4.


Music news – April 15, 1970

Three British pop singers are picking up $9.6 million on tours of the Untied States. Tom Jones, currently regarded as the world’s highest paid male singer, is on a four-month U.S. tour. He’ll make $4.8 million. Engelbert Humperdinck is set for a nine-month tour and will share $4.8 million with British songstress Lulu.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – April 15, 1970

Sock-It-To-Me girl Judy Carne makes her Broadway debut in “The Boy Friend” at the Ambassador Theater.


Thursday night television (April 16) – listings/programs/TV guide 

CBS, NBC, ABC – Apollo 13 Lunar Walk

PBS – NET Playhouse


Later – Merv Griffin (CBS) – Maureen Stapleton, H. Allen Smith, Yvonne Constant.

Dick Cavett (ABC) – George Burns, Orson Bean.


Some movies – April 15, 1970

 The Cycle Savages – Bruce Dern, Chris Robinson, Melody Patterson

Gaily, Gaily – Beau Bridges, Brian Keith, George Kennedy, Hume Cronyn

Start the Revolution Without Me – Gene Wilder, Donald Sutherland

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