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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of February 1, 1970 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

A federal judge halts a threatened nationwide railroad shutdown and the strike the prompted it. The halt is for 10 days.

The U.S. command says 405 enemy troops were killed in weekend fighting described as the heaviest sustained action this year.

Israeli warplanes sink an Egyptian minelayer in the Gulf o Suez in retaliation for attacks by Egyptian commandos on two Israeli naval vessels at Eilat in the Gulf of Aqaba.

Vice President Agnew says he would be chairman of a cabinet-level group that will work to carry out ‘in the least disruptive way” the Supreme Court’s order to desegregate Southern schools at once.

 Former Alabama Gov. George Wallace urges Southern governors to restore order in public schools by discontinuing bussing, reopening schools and reassigning students on a freedom of choice basis. He charged that public schools in the South were “being disrupted and destroyed by unwarranted and unlawful actions of the federal courts and federal agencies of the government.”

In NY – a bomb-plot hearing involving 13 Black Panthers is disrupted for the second straight day as a courtroom melee spread into a corridor amid shouting, kicking and fisticuffs.

President Nixon says his administration’s new budget begins a long-term process of reducing the federal government’s influence in American life. “This anti-inflationary budget begins the necessary process of reordering our national priorities.” For the first time in two full decades, the federal government will spend more money n human resource programs than on national defense.” 

President Nixon’s hope that his new budget will help stop inflation is challenged by Sen. William Proxmire (D-Wis.). Proxmire, vice chairman of the House-Senate Economic Committee, called the projected $1.3 billion surplus “pitifully inadequate.”

A federal grand jury indicts Annette Gilly for conspiracy to murder United Mine Workers insurgent Joseph Yablonski and his wife and daughter. It charged that she played a major part arranging the conspiracy,

Democrat Sen. Edmund Muskie of Maine expresses concern over President Nixon’s increasing use of television saying he was “being very skillful in his use of television… and as a result he can build momentum on an issue or on a confrontation with the Congress… that’s very difficult to offset.”

Charles Manson loses an attempt to be released from jail on a writ of habeas corpus. No way.

In Jacksonville Fla - The Daring Zacchinis, human cannonballs of international circus fame, are hospitalized in serious condition after an accident in which Emanuel Zacchini collided with his wife while flying through the air at nearly 100mph. He suffered a fractured spine and his wife, Linda a broken neck and arm. The event was witnessed by thousands.

Passing – Bertrand Russell, philosopher, mathematician, atheist and controversial fighter for peace. He was 97.

Investigators have a theory – a possibility that the Beatles are linked as a script to the Manson murders. There’s lots of evidence to support the theory – including the blood-scrolled “Helter Skelter” at the La Bianca home. Also, Susan Atkins said Manson hoped police would believe the murders were committed by Negroes, that a black rebellion would follow which only he and his Family would survive. 


Sports news – February 1, 1970

In a nationwide poll of sports writers and broadcasters, Arnold Palmer is chosen as Athlete of the Decade of the 1960’s.

And, the Associated Press names QB Johnny Unitas Pro Football Athlete of the decade.

The National Basketball Assn. grants franchises to Portland, Houston, Cleveland and Buffalo and agrees to reopen merger talks with the rival American Basketball Assn. The announcement was made by NBA commissioner Walter Kennedy.

Defenseman Bobby Orr scores twice to place the Boston Bruins to a 5-1 win over the Philadelphia Flyers.


Entertainment/Celebrity news – February 1, 1970

Jon Voight who made his major film debut in “Midnight Cowboy” is chosen by motion picture exhibitors as the new personality of 1969 who shows the most promise for lasting stardom. Other winners in order are Kim Darby, Gen Campbell, Richard Benjamin, Mark Lester, Olivia Hussey, Leonard Whiting Ali MacGraw, Barbara Hershey and Alan Alda.


Music news – February 1, 1970

NBC sues six companies and 15 individuals for pirating phonograph records. The suit says the defendants used fictitious names and fraudulent means to keep their true identity secret while stealing performances of Elvis Presley, Jefferson Airplane, Friends of Distinction and Guess Who. Pirated records, the suit contends, where being sold under the labels of Echo, Custom Pak, Audio Trex and other names.

Mama Cass Elliott is signed to appear in an H.R. Pufnstuf movie. She’ll portray a Witch.

On NET stations – “Soul!” a new weekly series of 20 hour-long programs debuts. Produced entirely by blacks, “Soul!” is a variety talk show featuring personalities and recording artists from various fields of entertainment. Curtis Mayfield, lead singer-songwriter-guitarist of the Impressions, is hot for the premier. Also on the program – King Curtis, Three Degrees, Ben E. King and gospel singer Marion Williams. 

Michael Edward Love (27) – member of the Beach Boys and Mrs. Suzanne C. Love (22) are divorced after he agreed to pay her $14,000 as share of their community property. Custody of tow children, Hayleigh (3), and Christian (20 months was given pending a possible further hearing. They were married in Oct. 1965.

At the Fillmore East – Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers. Coming up: Savoy Brown, Kings, Joshua Light Show.

Ringo Starr, B.B. King and Bobby Sherman on “Boss City” with the Real Don Steele. Only on KHJ-TV Channel 9, Los Angeles.

In Long Beach, CA – John Lennon Litho Showings – first time.


Television news – February 1, 1970

Ed Sullivan will take a troupe of performers to entertain wounded Vietnam vets in army hospitals in Denver and San Antonio. Included will be Flip Wilson, Gladys Knight, Bobbie Gentry and Buck Owens.

Playboy After Dark this week – Ike and Tina Turner, Rex Reed, Doug Kershaw, Louis Nye and Patty Duke.


Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – February 1, 1970

CBs – Lancer, Red Skelton, Governor and JJ, 60 Minutes, Merv Griffin

NBC – I Dream of Jeannie, Debbie Reynolds, Julia, First Tuesday, Johnny Carson

ABC – Mod Squad, Movie of the Week, Marcus Welby, MD, Dick Cavett

NET – NET Journal


Red Skelton – Mike Connors and Danny Davis.

Debbie Reynolds – Dean Martin cameos.

Johnny Carson – Carol Wayne and James Coco.

Dick Cavett – Judy Collins.


Friday night television listings/programs/TV guide – February 1, 1970

CBS – Get Smart, Tim Conway, Movie, Special-LBJ: The decision to Halt the Bombing, Merv Griffin

NBC – High Chapparal, Kraft Hall of Fame, Bracken’s World, Johnny Carson

ABC – Flying Nun, Brady Bunch, Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Here Come the Brides, Love, American Style, Dick Cavett


Brady Bunch – It’s the kids and dad at home after Carol leaves to care for an ailing aunt and Alice sprains her ankle.

Hallmark Hall of Fame – Rod Serling’s “A Storm in Summer” with Peter Ustinov.

On Johnny Carson – Joan Rivers guest hosts with Stiller and Meara, Alan Sues and Ann Corio.


Top movies – February 1, 1970

Paint Your Wagon

The Reivers

The Minx

2001: A Space Odyssey

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

Easy Rider

Alfred Hitchcock’s Topaz


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