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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of January 15, 1970 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The Nixon Administration decides to propose legislation for the creation of a semi-public corporation empowered to take over and modernize the nation’s ailing intercity passenger train system.

 G.T. Kurubo, Nigeria’s Ambassador says that Soviet aid to his country was the most important factor in the defeat of Biafran secessionists.

The United States and Communist China resume formal ambassadorial talks after a two-year suspension. No date was set for the next meeting.

Successful trip - Vice President Agnew returns to Washington after his Asian and Pacific trip. Upon arrival at Andrews Air Force Base where he was applauded by 500 people holding such signs as “Spiro’s Our Hero.”

China says it is wiling to see a negotiated settlement of the Vietnam War, according to an envoy.

France will sell Libya a total of 100 jets – twice as large as originally announced. France will deliver to Libya 30 Mirage-III E interceptors and 20 trainer reconnaissance planes, in addition to the order of 50 Mirage-5 ground attack planes. 

United Nigeria - Biafra surrenders ending a 30-month war of secession that wiped out nearly a generation if Ibo tribe children – some say 2 million lives overall – and shattered black Africa’s most promising nation. Maj. Gen Philip Effiong, a minority Efik tribesman left in charge when Biafra’s leader, Gen. C. Odumegwu Ojukwu caught one of the last flights out, announced the capitulation in a broadcast. He agreed to discuss terms in the framework of a United Nigeria. 

Stalled growth - The GNP leveled-off in the last three months of 1969, the first time since 1967. The Commerce Department announced the Gross National Product actually rose $10.3 billion in dollar terms  - to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $953.1 billion in the fourth quarter of last year. Most of the rise had to do with price increases. Real GNP – total output measured in 1958 – inched downward from an annual rate of $730.6 billion to $730.5 billion.

Jean Peters – Howard Hughes’ wife since 1957 – files for divorce.

The Supreme Court rules 6 to 2 that public schools attended by about 300,000 students in five Southern states must be desegregated by Feb. 1.

Charles Mansion who sought to form a corporation with six other Los Angeles County jail inmates is unsuccessful.

The Federal Reserve Board announces sizable increases in the interest rates the commercials banks can pay to savers. For savers – the ordinary passbook rate will be allowed to go to 4.5% from the present 4%. Banks will not be permitted to pay up to 5.5% on a one-year savings certificate and up to 5.75% on a year on a two-year certificate.

Senate investigators are told the government continues to approve the use in birth control pills of a hormone it banned 10 years ago as a chicken fattener. Its use as a chicken fattener was discontinued, the senators were told, because it caused cancer in laboratory animals.  Separately – A Johns Hopkins gynecologist warns a Senate subcommittee that he feared birth control pills – used by 8.5 million American women, many cause breast cancer that would not be detected for 20 years.

The Soviet Union says that it will broadcast statements attributed to American prisoners in North Vietnam and one State Department official responded with a complaint. Moscow radio announced that a 30-minute broadcast by the prisoners – of which have already been selected – will be beamed on shortwave on several frequencies.

Mrs. Helen Nelson – a spokesperson for consumer organizations, urges that Congress repair or replace the truth-in-packaging law with new tools to help buyers learn what they are getting for their money.

First Lt. William L. Calley Jr., charged with killing 109 Vietnamese men, women and children at Songmy, declines to testify at a hearing on an additional charge that he murdered a Vietnamese civilian about six weeks prior.

Consumer prices rose .6% in December, bringing inflation to 6.1% for the 1969.


Fascinating Business news – January 15, 1970

Merge – American Airlines the nation’s second-largest air carrier will merge with Trans-Caribbean Airways. 


Music news – January 15, 1970

Singer Arlo Guthrie takes the stand in the Chicago 7 trial in Chicago. Guthrie testified he had been asked by Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman to join their Yippie “festival of Light” at the Democratic Convention and had offered them his song, “Alice’s Restaurant,” as a theme. He was asked to explain the song. He told the story of his friend Alice and her husband, whose collection of garbage in a Stockbridge, MA church led to Guthrie’s exemption from the draft… About how Alice and her husband bought the old church ad set-up housekeeping for themselves and a horde of transient friends, how they had so much room it seemed pointless to take out the garbage every day, and how it grew and grew…

Peace From Toronto -  John and Yoko – recently arrived (again) in Toronto and it appears, this time, they are staying with musician Ronnie Hawkins (The Band) at his house.  They want to set up a new Peace Council headquartered in Toronto and they plan to announce a mammoth rock Peace Festival in town July 3-5. The Peace Council, Lennon said, was going to be organized by Yoko and himself, comedian Dick Gregory and Toronto rabbi Abraham Feinberg. Why did they choose Canada for their campaign? “Well, for one, thing, it talks to China, Also it’s a young country, not too set in its ways. Not too powerful. Whatever help we’ve had has come from here. Then too, it’s right next door to that other place. It’s easier for us to promote our views from here. Back home, the British press still isn’t convinced we’re sincere. I was a full-time cynic as a Beatle, and they’re not sure I’ve changed. But also, the writers miss Beatlmania, the glamour and the glory we provided for them. They want the good old cynical John back,” said Lennon.  

More Lennon… He was asked how he got started in the peace movement. “Well, when we met, both Yoko and I were thinking about our usefulness in life. And when we fell in love, we wondered what we cold do together. I didn’t want to do the music thing alone. And I didn’t want Yoko going off to her art shows. Then, one day two years ago, Yoko said, ‘Let’s promote peace. It’s a big job, and it’s big enough for our egos.’ And that was it. We have selfish interests in it too. One, we don’t want to be killed. Two, the work occupies our time completely. We’ve never been apart for more than 30 minutes since.”

Interesting – John Lennon says “we always try to get to bed by 9. Bed’s our place. We’re both basically shy and timid people and it’s our only time alone.” He also told reporters – “Yoko and I are getting married again at the festival, probably by a Buddhist priest. When we first started living together, we didn’t think we’d ever marry. But then, when our divorces came through from our former mates, we suddenly felt so free. And one day in Gibraltar, just after Yoko’s first miscarriage, we simply decided to make our love official. We were married by a little civil servant. And we dug it so much, we’d now lie to get married again every way there is.”

Music at the movies – “Johnny Cash” The Man His World His Music!

Elvis Presley stars in “Change Of Habit” with Barbara McNair.

The Doors will perform at The Long Beach (CA) Arena - Feb. 7.


Radio news – January 15, 1970

After leaving WABC in September of 1968 – Herb Oscar Anderson is back on radio – this time on rival WHN New York. He was one of the top-rated morning men then – will he repeat the feat on WHN? (answer: no). WHN is a ratings dog.


Sports news – January 15, 1970

Joe Frazier bought $40,000 worth of tickets for his friends to watch his Feb 16 title bout with Jimmy Ellis at Madison Square Garden.

Bobby Orr sets an all-time NHL record – becoming the first defenseman ever to win a scoring prize at the halfway point of the season, tot two assists in his 40th game for a record total of 51.

Rookie Lew Alcindor scores a career high of 46 points and shatters two records in leading the Milwaukee Bucks to a 115-113 win over the LA Lakers. Alcindor grabbed and stuffed one with 12 seconds remaining to get the final score. Earlier in the fourth quarter – Alcindor had tied the score at 109-109 and again at 111-111.


Entertainment news – January 15, 1970

Two new Dick Nixon and Spiro Agnew comedy albums are out. Get “I Am the  President” by David Frye who does a great impression of Nixon. Also “Richard the 37th: The Agnew and the Ecstasy.”


Television news – January 15, 1970

After being off TV for almost three years, Danny Kaye will appear on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. He’ll take part in black-outs in a show airing March 2.

Pat Paulson – formerly with the Smothers Brothers Show on CBS-TV – gets his own show on ABC.

Also debuting – “Paris 7000.” George Hamilton stars as Joe Brennan, whose assignment is to aid U.S. citizens caught in crisis situations. It’s George’s second series after the canceled “The Survivors” last year.


Top TV shows/Nielsen ratings – January 15, 1970

Walt Disney  - 29.2

Laugh-In – 27.5

Gunsmoke – 27.5

Orange Bowl – 27.3

Marcus Welby – 25.5

Mayberry RFD – 24.5

 Bonanza – 25.0

Here’s Lucy – 24.9

NBC Saturday Night Movie “Namu” – 23.9

Bill Cosby Show – 23.9

Name of the game – 23.7

Red Skelton – 23.4

Jim Nabors – 23.3

Andy Williams – 23.0

CBS Thursday Movie “Five Weeks in a Balloon” – 22.7

Family Affair – 22.5

Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour – 22.4

Doris Day Show – 22.4

My Three Sons – 22.4

High Chaparral – 22.3


Televison news – January 15, 1970

ABC-TV - It Takes A Thief Moves To Mondays – Or Mundy Moves To Mondays.


Wednesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – January 15, 1970

CBS – Hee Haw, Beverly Hillbillies, Medical Center, Hawaii Five-O, Merv Griffin

NBC – The Virginian, Kraft Music Hall, then Came Bronson, Johnny Carson

ABC – Debut-Nanny and the Professor, Courtship of Eddie’s Father, Room 222, Debut-Johnny Cash, Debut-Englebert Humperdinck, Dick Cavett


Courtship of Eddie’s Father – Eddie falls in love with his teen babysitter, who in turn, has a crush on Eddie’s father.

Debut – Johnny Cash show – Arlo Guthrie, Bobbie Gentry and Jose Feliciano.

Debut – Englebert Humperdinck Show – Produced in London. Guests – Tony Bennett and Donald O’Connor guest.

Merv Griffin – June Allyson, Sylvia Porter, John Denver, Ike and Tina Turner, Grace Bumbry.

Johnny Carson – Alan King is the guest host.


Thursday  night television listings/programs/TV guide – January 15, 1970

CBS – Family Affair, Jim Nabors, Movie, Merv Griffin

NBC – Daniel Boone City High School Basketball Championship, Dragnet 1970, Dean Martin, Johnny Carson

 ABC – Debut-Pat Paulsen, That Girl, Tom Jones, Debut-Paris 7000, Dick Cavett


Jim Nabors – Rock Hudson guests.

Dean Martin – Orson Welles, Virna Lisi, Lou Rawls, Rocky Graziano.

Merv Griffin – Ted Mack, Soupy Sales, Curt Flood.

Johnny Carson – Peter Lawford guest hosts. 

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